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  • Always reliable hardware to guarantee business continuity
  • Always personal advice for your business situation
  • Always local support from our experts

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"ProDVX provides bulletproof hardware that we integrate in our products"

Marcel Näpflin | Urimat

"ProDVX is one of our most proven partners. Their exceptional agnostic displays are highly reliable, but also cost-effective"

Simon Harris | Audio Visual Intelligence

"I love ProDVX’ personal touch. They are always available for me and quickly answer any question. That’s a big plus for me as a Product Manager."

Bennie Evers | Copaco

“ProDVX hardware improves the work efficiency of nurses“

Niels Kramer | CLB Integrated Solutions

"With ProDVX as our partner we made our POS solution safer and faster than any other POS solution on the market today"

Yeri Westerkamp |

"The possibilities that ProDVX hardware create for digital signage experiences are amazing"

Lukas Danek | signageOS


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Our vision.

We help to digitise the world by developing reliable, innovative and durable displays and touchscreens that are accessible to everyone. We have been doing this for over ten years together with our international network of partners, distributors and resellers. Worldwide, more than 100,000 ProDVX digital signage displays are in use every day. Given that our innovative hardware is ‘Always On’, there is a good possibility you have already seen us.

Our promise.

Our end users are guaranteed reliable and robust hardware for their digital communication. Did you know that our RMA rate (including DOA) is extremely low? We are incredibly proud that our products have a low failure rate. You can rely on us.

Discover why more than 35 international distributors choose us.

We are a reliable, accessible and pragmatic digital signage company. We make an impact with everything we do, either with our products or our personal advice, or with our support department that is always ready to assist you. We are always at hand and focus on finding solutions: digital solutions.

A digital signage company

Obviously, you want your business processes to continue 24/7. So, you need hardware like a panel pc to support that. Over the years, we have continued to develop our hardware to make sure it does what you ask of us as digital signage company: keep you in the spotlight. Enabling you to make an impact with our digital signage solutions.

Discover the solutions our hardware is used for:

See what solutions fit your organisation on our digital signage solutions overview page.

Digital signage for different markets

Experts use our digital signage solutions all over the world in different markets:

Check out how our (all-in-one) displays and touchscreens can support digital communication in your organisation and discover our solutions for each industry.

Accessible digital signage solutions for everyone

As you might expect from a digital signage company, we make our accessible digital communication solutions available to everyone. Our global partner network consists of:

  • Distributors
  • Resellers
  • System integrators
  • Software developers that develop for Android or Windows digital signage
  • End users

Contact one of our digital signage experts to learn about our panel pc and find out what ProDVX can do for you.