Wayfinding system: everything you need to know

Why would you need a wayfinding system? Obviously when you can’t find your way. Not being able to find their way from A to B is time consuming for your customers. Causing them frustration and ultimately costing you money. A Wayfinding System is the solution. A Wayfinding system is a modern version of signposting in buildings. You may have seen it at airports and in offices, or in hotels or shopping centres. Digital Displays that efficiently direct you from A to B. Perhaps with a smart commercial stop on the way! What can a Wayfinding solution do? And what are the advantages? And which ProDVX hardware do I need for it? Learn more on this page.

The advantages of a Wayfinding System

Using a Wayfinding System has various advantages. The five most frequently mentioned advantages are:

  • Getting from A to B quickly and efficiently, preventing delays and frustration among your guests
  • Personal communication and navigation based on your visitor's goal: direct people to the right floor or department
  • Opportunities for commercial communications
  • Always up-to-date, unlike static signposting
  • Integrations with other systems, such as Room Booking, are easy to achieve

Want to know how our customers and partners successfully use a Wayfinding system? Read the case of the Van der Valk hotel, that used ProDVX hardware to create more value for their customers.

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Wayfinding system hardware

Reliable touch displays for 24/7 use

This is how a Wayfinding system works

Every organisation needs to ensure that visitors, customers and suppliers can get from A to B quickly and easily. Any delay negatively influences the customer's attitude towards your organisation. Time is literally money because potential customers will leave. On Signage Displays, organisations show the proposed route to where they need to be. Quickly and easily, so that guests can find their way around efficiently. You can also display digital content, which can be easily adapted if you need to be flexible in the routing. Long queues, busy access routes, lost customers - a Wayfinding solution relegates this to the past.

You can also show the location of certain facilities, such as meeting rooms. Many companies therefore link a Wayfinding solution to a Room Booking solution. Furthermore, many organisations regard Wayfinding as an extension of their branding. For example, by integrating the Wayfinding solution in information panels with your organisation's branding. Or by combining Wayfinding with commercial messages, obviously depending on the setting.

Superior Wayfinding Displays

The most important feature of a Wayfinding Display? It must be prominent! And it must always be on. Because if it isn't visible or the screen is off, your visitors will still get lost. So, partners worldwide often choose our Android or Intel panel pc. And particularly the bigger models, between 15" and 32". Why?

  • All our screens have been specifically designed for 24/7 continuous usage
  • You can power our 15" and 22" screens via Power-over-Ethernet, or via a traditional Power Supply
  • With various connectivity options, such as USB, micro USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Pogo Pins for accessories

So, lots of advantages with our Wayfinding Displays! ProDVX has many partners worldwide who focus on offering Wayfinding solutions in combination with our Signage Displays or Android and Intel SOC Touch Displays. Here is an overview of the Displays from our portfolio that are typically used for this.

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Our extensive assortment of Displays for wayfinding systems is used by thousands of companies via our global partner network. Want to know more about our hardware or do you have a question? Fill in the contact form. Get in touch as well if you're looking for a certified partner to help you with your software application.


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