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Is the meeting room free or in use? When can I get in? Eliminate double bookings, no-shows and other frustrations with a Room Booking solution with a meeting room display for your meeting rooms. Room Booking is the ultimate tool for booking and efficiently managing meeting rooms. What can a Room Booking solution with ProDVX Meeting Room Displays do? And what are the advantages for organisations? You will learn more on this page.

The advantages of a Meeting Room Display

Using Room Booking and Meeting Room Displays has various advantages. The five most frequently mentioned advantages are:

  • It is really easy to book and manage meeting rooms
  • Gain realtime insights and data about meeting room usage at your office building
  • You can often plan a meeting wherever you are, depending on the chosen solution
  • Room Booking solutions can often be linked with Outlook, Office365 and Google Calendar
  • No more double room bookings, to prevent frustration
  • Always real-time insight about a specific meeting room on a Meeting Room Display next to the door

The office is increasingly seen as a meeting place. Meeting room displays and Room Booking are therefore becoming more relevant than ever. As a manufacturer, we specialize in designing reliable hardware to guarantee your business continuity.

Want to know how our customers and partners successfully use a Room Booking solution? Read the case of UNICEF, the municipality of Apeldoorn or Unigarant.

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This is how Room Booking with a meeting room display works

Room Booking is used by businesses and organisations worldwide to book and manage meeting rooms. This is extremely useful if an organisation has several meeting rooms or shares them with other companies. A Room Booking solution is easy to use. Employees can easily book a meeting room on the Meeting Room Displays that are installed near the meeting rooms.

And it is often also possible to link the Meeting Room Display to your existing calendar system, Office365, Outlook or Google Calendar, for example. This means that meetings from your calendar system appear directly on the Meeting Room Displays.

Unique Signalling with ideal Room Booking Displays

A Room Booking solution immediately tells you whether a room is free or in use. You also want to let people on site make a booking, so there must be a high-quality panel pc on the wall. At the same time, you need a reliable solution, because downtime only causes irritation and frustration among your employees. Our Displays:

  • Have Unique Signalling possibilities with the prize-winning Surround LED Bar or with the 2-Sided LEDs
  • Are specially developed for 24/7 continuous usage
  • Have a powerful CPU and more than sufficient System Memory and Internal Storage
  • Have various I/O ports for USB, micro USB, HDMI and LAN
  • Have Power-over-Ethernet and Wi-Fi to power the Display and operate your application

ProDVX has many partners worldwide who focus on offering Room Booking solutions in combination with our Meeting Room Displays. Here is an overview of the Displays from our portfolio that are typically used for this.

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At ProDVX, we have an extensive assortment of Android and Intel SOC Touch Displays which are ideal for Room Booking. These Displays are used by thousands of companies via our global partner network. Want to know more about our hardware? Then get in touch. If you're in need for a software solution for your room booking system get in touch so we can connect you with one of our certified partners.


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