Our hardware is used for a wide range of applications in various markets



Companies all over the globe use our hardware for running a wide range of applications in various markets. Check out these different markets, the applications which are supported by our hardware, and read about several inspiring case studies below:


When your office runs important applications for access control, (meeting) room signage or wayfinding you don’t want to worry about the reliability of the hardware. Our products are used by numerous customers for a comprehensive range of applications. Check out these cases and the successful deployment of our product.


In retail, displays and monitors are used for a wide range of applications, but mainly to increase interaction with the customer. We’ve got your back with our Android- and Intel-based integrated SoC touch displays and monitors.


Business such as hotels and restaurants use our hardware to support applications like price checkers, digital signage and POS.


Our displays are designed for continuous commercial (24/7) use. This is an essential quality when it comes to the logistics market, where hardware needs to be able to sustain ongoing heavy usage.


Because of its robust nature, ProDVX hardware is often used for applications in education. Not only by educational institutions like schools and universities, but also in institutions such as museums for signage and interactive tour purposes.


ProDVX hardware is used by governmental authorities to run many applications because of its robustness and its customer-friendly appearance.


In healthcare, many mission-critical quality and security standards apply. Our diverse and innovative product range adheres to these standards and are consequently used in many healthcare applications.


Increasingly, consumers use ProDVX hardware such as displays and touchscreens for their home automation solutions.