Meet the ProDVX API

A universal API for seamless integration

We recognize the importance of interoperability in today’s interconnected world. We strive to facilitate optimal compatibility between software and ProDVX hardware, to minimize the burden on our software and system integration partners. With the ProDVX API, we ensure that our partners' software remains ProDVX hardware agnostic, allowing them to focus more on delivering value to end-customers.

That is why ProDVX introduces a universal API that is free of charge and will span across our Android-based products. This API simplifies the integration process, allowing seamless communication between ProDVX Android devices and other systems. The ProDVX API ensures a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem.

Get some peace of mind with the ProDVX API

Ensure seamless compatibility between software and hardware with our universal API. The ProDVX API functions as a bridge between the software application and ProDVX device, and guarantees proper functioning of software, regardless of which Android version is on the device.

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Enjoy simplified software development

The ProDVX API is designed to streamline software development for ProDVX Android-based products, significantly reduce development cost and improve security. Leveraging REST architecture, the API facilitates communication between your application and server resources through standard HTTP methods. Security is further enhanced by the generation of tokens, which are utilized for authentication and authorization purposes. This robust security measure ensures that only authorized users have access to the API, thereby safeguarding sensitive data and improving overall system integrity. With these features in place, developers can confidently concentrate on delivering value to end-users, knowing that their applications are backed by a secure and efficient infrastructure.


A bridge between software application and Android Device

  • Easily create a single application that functions seamlessly across all our devices
  • No need to program for different Android versions: API works for variety of Android versions
  • REST architecture: using standard HTTP methods
  • Free for ProDVX Partners

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Free of charge

As a channel-oriented company, it is our priority to make it as effortless as possible for our partners to collaborate with our hardware. The ProDVX API significantly streamlines this integration process, which is why we offer it completely free of charge.

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