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What does it cost? And am I allergic to it? There are lots of reasons why more and more shops are using a Barcode Price Checker, not just for showing the price. A Price Checker is a device with a high engagement factor and can really help shops generate extra turnover. Add a barcode scanner module to your ProDVX device and voilá: you've got your Barcode Price Checker.

Highlight new products or alternatives, display offers and discounts or unique content, provide customer convenience... What can a Price Checker do? And what are the advantages? Read about it on this page.

The advantages of Barcode Price Checkers

A Barcode Price Checker in a shop has several advantages. Here are the most common:

  • Increase interaction and engagement with the customer
  • An accessible single source of truth for all product information on site
  • Encourage add-on sales
  • Offer alternative products with more margin
  • Easily and quickly offer customers the right products

We specialize in designing robust and reliable hardware for your business continuity. Find out how a Barcode Price Checker works for you by contacting one of our digital signage experts.

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This is how a Barcode Price Checker works

You will often find a Price Checker on a shelf of a store, like a supermarket, electronics shop or DIY shop. There may also be a screen with a Barcode Scanner below it, which you can use to scan a product's barcode. You hold the product near the Barcode Scanner and the relevant information is shown on the display.

The primary function of a Price Checker is obviously to display a product's name and price when the customer scans a barcode. But it can do so much more. Sometimes, a Price Checker is used to show additional product information. Like the product's expiry date, nutritional values and ingredients. Or to show whether a product is on offer or not. However, you might also consider interactive content, essential product information which would otherwise not fit on the packaging or even complete previews of games and films.

There are also applications in the market which use a similar solution to a Price Checker: a product comparer or a choice assistant. These devices help the customer choose a certain product, based on several variables that they enter.

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Ideal Displays for a Barcode Price Checker

If your Price Checker is ever not working, sales can often take a hit. So, it is vital that the Price Checker is always on! And the Price Checker must obviously respond fast because time is money too. Waiting causes irritation and makes the customer less likely to buy.

  • Are specially developed for 24/7 continuous usage
  • Have a powerful CPU and more than sufficient System Memory and Internal Storage.
  • Can be easily linked to Barcode Scanners via Pogo Pins
  • Have Power-over-Ethernet and Wi-Fi to power the Display and operate your application

The ProDVX Displays are used worldwide for Price Checking and similar solutions. These are often combined with a Barcode Scanner. Here is an overview of the Displays and Accessories from our portfolio that are typically used for this.

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We have a wide range of Android and Intel SOC Touch Displays which are ideal for Barcode Price Checker solutions. These Displays are used by thousands of companies via our global network. Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form. Looking for a software solution to go along with our hardware? Get in touch so we can connect you with one of our partners.


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