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A Panel PC is also known as an all-in-one display. That's because it combines a touchscreen and computer in one single product. Which makes it a fully integrated solution, suitable for specialised software solutions.

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Our Panel PC range

Discover our wide range of fanless Panel PCs operating on Android, Windows or Linux.

Available from 7 inch to 32 inch.

Functionalities of a ProDVX Panel PC

Panel PC poe+

Easily digitise every business process with PoE+

Power over Ethernet+ enables you to easily install your device anywhere. That means efficient and minimal cable management (only one cable is required) and no longer being dependent on the electricity mains.

Create impact with a full RGB LED bar

Highlight your content with the Full RGB 2-sided LED bar or even surround LED bar on our touch Panel PCs. On a Surround LED bar, each LED can be individually controlled.

Easy to enhance with extra modules

ProDVX hardware utilises a user-friendly method to quickly connect extra modules to a Panel PC: the pogo connector. With this proven technology, you're able to connect a NFC reader, barcode scanner or camera in the blink of an eye.

Your idea is our starting point

We think out of the box. Creating custom products for your unique project is always an option at ProDVX. OEM, ODM and other product adjustments - no problem. Just get in touch.

The Panel PC expert

A ProDVX Panel PC is designed to deliver superior performance 24/7 in commercial environments. Years of development ensure that they deliver the most stable performance. And our Panel PCs only use components from the most reliable brands.

As a real Panel PC expert, we offer a complete range of hardware which guarantees the continuity and optimisation of your business processes. But our hardware is not the only thing that distinguishes us. It's the complete package:

  • With us, you always have support from experts.
  • With us, you are always advised by a digital signage expert.
  • With our in-house product development, you are always guaranteed the latest innovations.
  • With us, product customisation is always an option.

Which is why our partners have been choosing ProDVX hardware for their digital signage solution for so many years. Contact one of our digital signage experts to find out how our hardware can improve your business process.


Advantages of a Panel PC

A smart solution needs powerful hardware

Why a Panel PC? Simple. It offers numerous advantages:

  • Touchscreen operation
  • Good computing power
  • Suitable for more specialised software solutions
  • Compact design and easy installation
  • It's fanless: there are no moving parts, so ideal for 24/7 use
  • Expandable with extra modules for many additional functionalities: NFC, barcode and camera modules are available
  • Many I/O ports for numerous applications: HDMI, (mini) USB 2.0 and 3.0, Audio-out and RJ45

Furthermore, a fanless Panel PC is ideal for small spaces. The computer and touchscreen are integrated in one machine, which automatically minimises the number of cables and peripherals required. Making them easy to install.

Not convinced? Contact one of our digital signage experts now for free advice about the options.

Why do I need a Panel PC?

One device for numerous applications

A Panel PC can be used in almost any business. Because it gives total creative freedom to a digital signage solution.

  • Corporate digital signage: organise your office as a meeting place, by using a room booking, wayfinding, access control or visitor management solution.
  • Retail digital signage: design a complete customer journey, including all the necessary equipment which you can easily connect to the many I/O ports.
  • Healthcare digital signage: improve the patient and visitor experience.
  • Hospitality digital signage: encourage extra purchases, upsell opportunities and reduce costs.

Check out all the markets in which our global partners use a Panel PC.

Our additional modules

Interactive digital signage for more engagement

Easily expand your product for additional functionalities.


Self Service Panel PC

A popular solution

A popular application of a Panel PC is the self-service kiosk. This is because it has a great deal of computing power, a touchscreen enabling interaction, an Internet connection (cable or Wi-Fi), and you can connect extra devices so that payments can be made or even tickets issued.

Lower costs, more sales

Self-service offers many advantages in any environment. It saves personnel costs (for example, receptionists, cashiers or waiters), whilst also encouraging extra sales. Like impulse buys and complementary sales.


A self-service kiosk is also often used in a foyer for the first contact. Got an appointment to renew your driving licence? Check in now. Want to know whether your guest fulfils specific visitor requirements? Ask now, without needing to conduct awkward conversations later.


Create interaction with a scanner

A barcode, QR code or object: scan anything

You can easily transform your product into an interactive digital signage display by connecting a scanner. You can naturally do this on one of the three Pogo pin connector ports with a ProDVX pogo camera or barcode scanner. But you can use other I/O ports as well. In this way, you can scan anything that needs scanning!

Scan for product information

Use the product's barcode to show your customer additional information about the product. Like user instructions, or even to look for complementary products. Show that info, for example, from your online database, to which you can easily connect the panel computer.

Scan for access

Do you have a special code that gives your guest access? In that case, transform the all-in-one display into an access control solution and scan the code for access. The product can then instruct the lock mechanism to open a door.


Guaranteed continuity with a Panel PC

A ProDVX Panel PC is designed for 24/7 use

Our hardware is also used in industrial logistics environments. This is because they represent reliability, so that you can be confident that important business processes will never shut down. They can also cope with a wide temperature range and have all the important certifications.

Install it anywhere

An all-in-one display is so compact that you can install it wherever it is most needed. For example, as a workstation solution. You install the computer using the VESA mount holes. And check out our mounting accessories such as wall mounts, desk stands, shelf brackets and floor stands, which fit all VESA 75 and 100 devices.

Always up-to-date info

Because of the high brightness of our IPS-panels and the different sizes in our range, you can be sure that important information will reach the appropriate recipient. For example, show when the next freight is being unloaded, or where the driver can pick up their new freight. A wayfinding solution is therefore a solution for which our products are often used.

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