Take control with ProMGR

ProMGR is the ProDVX device management tool that enables you to easily maintain full control of your ProDVX devices. ProMGR offers robust security features and it enables you to monitor and manage device status and applications. With it, you'll gain insights in system health, minimising downtime, and achieve seamless deployment while enabling proactive maintenance.

Control your fleet

ProMGR features a set of powerful tools:

  • Monitoring tools
  • User Management tools
  • Files Management tools
  • Remote Device Management tools

Take control with ProMGR and enjoy enhanced device visibility and control.

Tiny Control Pro MGR

Ensure secure devices

ProMGR features a secure remote management platform that gives you the ability to set and control your own security policies. It also allows you to completely lock devices in kiosk mode to your chosen application or browser.

This ensures that you can enjoy securely managed devices in the field.

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Simplified device management

Designed to help you efficiently manage and deploy content to your fleet of devices, ProMGR offers a set of easy to use tools that turn device management into a breeze.


Monitor, manage and configure with ProMGR

Manually configure your device with ProMGR Kiosk and additionally configure devices remotely with ProMGR Cloud. ProMGR Kiosk is the application that operates on the device. It provides functionalities like Device Security Management, Kiosk Browser mode, Kiosk Single app mode, Device Management and Launcher. With these functionalities, ProMGR Kiosk allows for full browser access as well as the option to set the device to kiosk browser mode or kiosk single app mode.

ProMGR Cloud is subscription based and offers extra remote functionalities like Device Monitoring, User Management, Application and File management. In addition, it enables remote control of all the benefits and features of ProMGR Kiosk.

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Compatible with all ProDVX Android devices

ProMGR is compatible with all Android Panel PCs and Android Box PCs running Android 8.1, 9, 11, and 12.


Get started today

Whether you aim to oversee, manage and control a fleet of self-service kiosks in your hotel chain, a single Android Panel PC at your shop or use it to update your software applications in the field - ProMGR is up to the task. Explore its capabilities in the official brochure. Ready to get started? ProDVX offers a free 30-day test period. Test our tool or directly order it using the form below.

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ProMGR: explained

This 7-minute video will explain how ProMGR works, its benefits, and how to get started with it.

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Take control with our device management tool. In order to get started with a free testing period or a subscription per device, ProDVX needs basic information to set up the right type of account and environment. Therefore, the information below should be provided to complete an order for ProMGR.

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