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A supercharged Box PC range

The ProDVX Box PC is a commercial grade digital signage player that is designed to facilitate efficient deployment of content to displays or monitors. Various applications such as digital signage, wayfinding, and many others all benefit from using Box PCs. We offer two different Box PCs, the ABPC-4200 and ABPC-4220. Both run on Android 9.




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Play anything

Give a boost to your in-store experience with the ProDVX Box PC. This innovative piece of hardware allows you to connect external displays and play synchronised content. A Box PC enables you to more accurately capture the attention of your audience and improve sales.

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Increase interaction

Take it further and develop smooth interactive experiences through touch displays paired with a ProDVX Box PC. With a Box PC, you can deploy engaging content on kiosks and displays in any kind of environment. From retail and hospitality to healthcare, a Box PC has got you covered.

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Hook it up

With any display

The ProDVX Box PCs have a large variety of I/O ports, allowing them to be paired with many different types of hardware, including our signage displays and touch monitors and even devices from other manufacturers. Configure your setup however you want, and easily attach our Box PCs to your peripherals using the VESA mount.

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Limitless connectivity

with I/O ports on our Box PCs

With the many different I/O ports on the ProDVX Box PCs, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy seamless connection through well-known I/O ports such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, GPIO, Combo Jack, HDMI, RJ45 and RS232. Or simply connect using the Wi-Fi antenna.

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Box PCs that run on Android 9

The ProDVX Box PC product range consists of two commercial grade digital signage players, the ABPC-4200 and the ABPC-4220. While these two models are mostly the same, the difference between these two Box PCs is that the ABPC-4200 does not have PoE+ functionality, while the ABPC-4220 does. Both these Box PCs run on Android 9.

The main function of the Box PCs is to deploy synchronised digital content to screens, displays or monitors that are connected to the Box PC. This content can be anything from retail advertisements, wayfinding, or customer feedback systems to digital signage and kiosk software. Box PCs help your digital signage stand out, allowing you to break through the clutter. In addition, when attached to touch monitors, the Box PCs can enhance interaction in any environment by deploying interactive content.

Easily connect your Box PC to other screens

You can connect our Box PCs to almost any peripheral device. Devices that are already installed in the field, or any new devices that you plan on installing. These devices can be other ProDVX hardware products and devices from other manufacturers.

The ProDVX Box PCs have many different I/O ports such as RJ45, RS232, HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB-C, GPIO, IR, PIR and Combo Jack. It is also possible to connect the Box PC to Wi-Fi, through the Wi-Fi antenna.