A box PC is made to last.


A box pc is a digital signage player. This piece of hardware enables you to show your engaging content on a big screen, for example in your showroom. It's made of durable materials and built specifically for commercial use.

A ProDVX Box PC has been developed to solve the problems found in commercial environments. These are the type of environments that consumer devices are not designed for. That's why a box pc equals reliability.

All our box pcs build on more than 20 years of passion and experience in the industry.

Box PC

A box pc offers superior performance for every solution.

Power comes in a box.

It's fanless. It's powerful. It's durable. A ProDVX Box PC has everything you'll need to make for a stable and reliable hardware solution. Discover the digital signage solutions our global partners use it for.

Discover the details of our box pc.

Box PC hardware

Our partners use our box pc's for many solutions. Simply connect your box pc with a (touch)monitor, screen or display and turn it into a digital signage player. Use one of it's I/O ports like USB (3.0 and 2.0), HDMI (video out) to plug your box pc into your screen. The powerful chipset, graphic processor, and system memory make sure your content will make an impact. The ProDVX ABPC-545P runs on Android.

Some of the solutions where these digital signage players are used for:

Learn more about our solutions to find out what a box pc can do for you.


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