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Embrace the trend of a self service kiosk. Many studies have shown that a self service kiosk will benefit your organisation. "I want to do it myself!" People love being in control. Customers are more likely to visit your location, and they spend on average 30% more via a Self Service Kiosk! But how does a Self Service Kiosk work? What about a POS terminal? And what are the advantages? And what options do I have to make a payment? Learn about this solution and our hardware on this page.

The advantages of a Self Service Kiosk

Using self service kiosks has various advantages. Four of the most frequently mentioned advantages are:

  • Research has shown that consumers spend on average 30% more via a Self Service Kiosk
  • Research has shown that 60% prefer a Self Service Kiosk, for example at airports or in restaurants
  • Save on personnel costs
  • Create options for branding or advertising

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What is a Self Service Kiosk?

A Self Service Kiosk is a broad term. A Self Service Kiosk is an interactive terminal on which users or customers can complete transactions themselves. Transactions which employees often used to do.

Common examples of Self Service Kiosks are self-scan check-outs and Self Ordering Kiosks in restaurants. But in technical terms, Self Service Kiosks also include solutions like Price Checkers and Access Control solutions.

A Self Service Kiosk combines a lot of different software and hardware.

  1. Software in the form of applications, to facilitate user transactions and to link the kiosk to various systems, such as the check-out and stock systems.
  2. Hardware like Android or Intel SOC Touch Displays
  3. These displays are then integrated in a physical kiosk which can be branded in your company's corporate identity.
  4. This Kiosk often has a POS Terminal. A POS Terminal is a big word for a pin machine, where you can pay and get a receipt or order number.

Self service kiosk hardware

Reliable touch displays for 24/7 use

The best Self Service Kiosk Touch Displays

A Self Service Kiosk must naturally respond fast and be easy to operate. But it must also be suitable for intensive use. Because a Self Service Kiosk is used a lot. And if it is out of order, that often costs you money. A sustainable and reliable solution is therefore crucial. You also want to easily link other parts of the Self Service Kiosk. Which is where a Android and Intel panel pc comes in. Our Displays:

  • Are specially developed for 24/7 continuous usage
  • Have a powerful CPU and more than sufficient System Memory and Internal Storage
  • Have various I/O ports for USB, micro USB, HDMI and LAN
  • Have Power-over-Ethernet and Wi-Fi to power the Display and operate your application

ProDVX has many partners worldwide who focus on offering Self Service Kiosks in combination with our Signage Displays or Android and Intel SOC Touch Displays. Here is an overview of the Displays from our portfolio that are typically used for this.

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