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Access control systems are a popular solution. With this solution, you can control access to specific locations. Read here about the advantages and how our hardware makes this solution accessible to everyone.

The advantages of access control systems

Access control systems are electronic security systems. With these systems, you can control the following things:

  • Who has access
  • To which locations this individual has access
  • Whether there is a time lock
  • Whether there are more special requirements

This way you can easily control at an individual level who has access. You can then adjust that access with one click, the advantage of digital signage.

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How our hardware makes access control systems accessible

Our touchscreens and displays can contribute to your access control systems in two ways:

  • The internal or external NFC reader
  • The LCD screen with high brightness

If your access control system uses personal access passes, you can easily scan them with an NFC reader. This hardware can be integrated in our touchscreens or added as an extra accessory to one of the pogo pin ports. The NFC reader is one of the most common solutions for access control systems.

The second way is the screen itself. You can use it in the classic way with an access code. Because ProDVX panels have a brightness of up to 500 cd/m2, you can install the hardware anywhere without having to worry about daylight that's making a screen hard to read.

Due to the competitive pricing of ProDVX hardware, your access control systems are more accessible than ever!

Access control systems hardware

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Customised advice for your access control systems

ProDVX has over 10 years experience with digital signage hardware that's used for access control systems. Because each project is different, our experts are ready to provide personal advice about it. You can naturally also request a quote for our hardware. Looking for the software solution? We can also connect you to the right software partner in our network.


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The assurance of fully operational access control systems for your industry

Obviously, you don't want your access control systems to fail. That would involve unnecessary costs and loss in productivity. You need hardware that you can rely on.

ProDVX digital signage hardware has undergone years of development to guarantee superior and stable performance. Our global partners use a ProDVX panel pc in access control systems for various markets:

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