Benefits of digital signage

Digital signage is a popular solution because everyone benefits. Read more about the advantages, how it works, best practices and how our hardware makes sure that digital signage also works for you.

The advantages of digital signage

Digital signage stands for three things:

  • Impact by standing out.
  • Interaction by using smart hardware extensions.
  • Flexibility by adapting content fast.

Digital signage is a versatile solution for anything relating to communication (including digital) in your organisation. There are many advantages from using digital signage:

  • Increase sales - up to 33% more!
  • Decrease costs - 25% better employee productivity!
  • More engagement - customer satisfaction improves by 46%!
  • More brand awareness – a recall rate of 83% with 400% more views!

As a manufacturer, we can guarantee your business' continuity with our reliable hardware. Contact us today for advice from one of our digital signage experts.

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Digital signage hardware

Reliable touch displays for 24/7 use

This is how digital signage works

Digital signage is simple. With just one click, you can change what appears on a screen. From one central location, for an endless number of screens.

What do you need? Digital signage displays, digital signage software that manages the content and digital content, of course. We provide the first.

Ordering printed material with long delivery times, only to find that the colour used differs again, is now a thing of the past. Digital signage is fast, easy and above all effective in supporting your business goals.

Digital signage what is it

Superior digital signage hardware which supports your organisation

Your digital communication is an ongoing process. That is why you need reliable digital signage hardware that supports you. ProDVX touchscreens and displays have been specially developed to ensure that your digital communication continues 24/7. So, we ensure:

  • Long lifespan of the product
  • High brightness of the screen
  • Stable performance following years of hardware development
  • Only reliable components of the most trusted brands
  • Certifications of the products

This means we can always guarantee fully operational hardware. Our average RMA rate (including DOA) is extremely low in comparison with the industry average.

Custom products and advice by digital signage experts

Getting the most out of your digital signage displays starts with defining the goals for your organisation or project. Are you looking to inform your audience or draw attention on your advertisement? Selecting the right hardware is only the final step. But no worries - this process is a routine for our experts. They will be happy to support you.

Just like our hardware will support every organization's goal and situation. That's why custom-made products like a panel pc are an option at ProDVX. Contact our experts now for no-obligation advice.

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Digital signage custom

Three tips for the effective use of digital signage.

Have you decided to use digital signage because it supports your goals? If so, we have three tips to ensure you get the most out of your investment, whatever market you are in:

  1. Use interactive elements
  2. Consider the context effects
  3. Consider wear-in and wear-out effects

1. Use interactive elements

Interactivity creates more engagement. And more engagement generates other advantages, like more sales, more loyalty or a better visitor experience. Smart use of interactive elements is therefore important. Consider options like scanning product barcodes for more information, offering personal content by scanning personal passes with an NFC reader or even dynamic content based on camera images. The possibilities are endless!

2. Context effects of the digital signage product

A display can be used anywhere. Remember that the exact location of your screen has what we call a context effect. This influences these two aspects:

  • The content on the screens
  • The technology of the hardware

The right content in the right context

Once you have considered the content you want to display, remember that every environment is itself a customer journey. You can offer a corresponding experience. Context effects of your screen's location have a huge impact on how the content comes across.

When someone enters your retail store, for example, you want to immediately draw their attention with your content near the entrance. Good tip: make sure that you attract that attention in less than 3 seconds. Because that is how long someone looks at a random message. Research has shown that this time is somewhere between 3 and 12 seconds. Draw attention by responding to latent needs, for example looking nice in a new outfit.

You then need to encourage the person to stay and explore your shop. Make sure that your content appeals to an active need. For example, by showing that you sell the latest fashion essentials from the most popular brands. You also want to highlight this content on bigger screens. These can be placed further inside the shop, taking the routing of your shop into account.

You then obviously want to get the customer to make a purchase. Do that by showing content at product level near specific products. You can use smaller displays and touchscreens for this.

Protip: want extra engagement? Combine product-specific content with the interactive elements from tip one. This increases impulse purchases by as much as 25%!

Technology of the hardware

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about the hardware technology. Based on your wishes, our experts can find the product that suits the screen's location. And you don't always need a plug socket either. Because we invented our Power over Ethernet for this. Wi-Fi is obviously an option if an internet cable is a limiting factor in your location. We can therefore offer a solution for every business situation.

3. Refresh content to prevent wear-out

Besides its quality, the frequency of exposure to the content is also important. Fortunately, digital signage means that you can change it with one click. From one central point. Now ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do I have many repeat visits? If so, how often does someone visit the location?
  • Will I take a one-size-fits-all approach? Or will I display content aimed at the location's specific target group?
  • Do I always show the same content during a certain period? Or perhaps dynamic content which reflects changing external factors, like the weather of the day?

With digital signage, this is all easy to do. It is particularly important here to answer the first question so that you can say something about wear-in and wear-out of the message. You naturally want everyone to see and remember your message, without boring repeat visitors with old messages. This is the advantage of digital signage compared with traditional printed material: no extra costs when you refresh content.

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