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Reliable digital signage solutions for 24/7 use

It would obviously be disastrous if your digital signage solution failed. This would disrupt important business processes, and even worse, involve unnecessary costs. Prevent this by choosing the reliable hardware of ProDVX. Our products have undergone years of development to guarantee superior and stable performance. We use components of the most trusted brands and our products have all the required certificates, This leads to the fact that we have an extremely low RMA rate . This is the only way you can be assured that your digital communication can continue 24/7.

We offer hardware you can always depend on.

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Customised advice for your digital signage solutions

ProDVX has over 10 years of experience with digital signage solutions. We understand that every project is different. Our experts are ready to give you free personal advice.

You can naturally also request a quote for our hardware.


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Extra attention for your digital signage solutions with a LED status bar

Add impact with a panel pc or digital signage player from ProDVX. The unique LED status lightbars make you stand out even more. These full RGB LED bars can be controlled individually and can adopt any colour to support the digital content on the screen. Some examples:

  • Room booking where the green LEDs (compared with the red LED countdown) show you how long the meeting room is still occupied.
  • Access control where the LEDs turn green when you have successful access.
  • A customer feedback system where the LEDs adopt the colour of the feedback they have just given, as a surprise element.
  • Waiting room solutions where you can see by the LED countdown how long until you will be seen.
  • A guest who uses the flashing digital signage media player to indicate to the waiter that they need attention.
  • Digital signage solutions where you use contrasting colours to draw attention to your message.

Your digital signage solutions are guaranteed to create more impact with a LED status lightbar. You will find the LED status lightbar in the ProVX X-series and the SLB-series.

Digital signage solutions for every market

Our hardware is suitable for many digital signage solutions which can be used in any market. You will find ProDVX digital signage displays in the following markets:

The reason is simple: ProDVX hardware is very accessible. It is easy to install, competitively priced and has a long lifespan.

Superior hardware for all digital signage solutions

Whether you choose to stand out by creating big displays or prefer to offer subtle interactive information - in our collection, you will always find the right display or touchscreen. Available from 7 inch to 32 inch. We also have various Ultra Wide signage displays which will certainly make your solution stand out.

ProDVX also offers multiple solutions to manage your device.