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The APPC-10SLBe has arrived!

This touch display, powered by Android 11 with GMS opens up a world of opportunities and is perfect for enterprise solutions. The device comes with a range of preinstalled Google apps such as the Google Play Store, Chrome, YouTube and a host of others. The APPC-10SLBe comes with a powerful Dual-core Cortex-A72 and Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU and 4GB of RAM, which allows you to operate multiple apps at the same time.

Download and deploy your favorite setup with apps from the Google Play Store. The addition of the Google Play Store now makes it possible to deploy content or updates remotely to all your devices in the field, from one central hub with the help of an MDM tool. This works even for sideloaded apps. The APPC-10SLBe also supports Zero Touch Deployment, allowing you to preconfigure devices with your organization's policies already enforced. Furthermore, Google Play Protect ensures automatic security updates and adds a new layer of security to the APPC-10SLBe, making it our most secure device to date.

Manage and deploy your favorite setup

The APPC-10SLBe is powered by Android 11 with Google Mobile Services. This ensures that the apps you use benefit from the latest features provided by Google. Management and deployment of your setup through the Google Play Store can be done from one central hub, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. In addition, the APPC-10SLBe supports Zero Touch Deployment, allowing the deployment of preconfigured company-owned devices. This saves you a lot of time and gives you some well-deserved ease of mind.

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Adding a new layer of security

The addition of Google Play Protect for the APPC-10SLBe ensures your digital environment is properly secured. Your devices will always be protected by the most recent security updates, which are installed automatically through the Google Play Store. This way, you don't have to worry about the security of your devices anymore.

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Higher performance than ever

Equipped with a Dual-core Cortex-A72 and Quad-core Cortex-A53 processor by Rockchip and 4GB of RAM, the APPC-10SLBe delivers the high performance you require. You can have multiple apps operating in the background while the front-end application keeps running smoothly.

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Enjoy a device that is always on

Keep your solution running with the APPC-10SLBe. Manufactured with only high-quality components, the APPC-10SLBe is designed with 24/7 use in mind. It ensures your solution can keep running without interference. We're so confident, we'll even give you a 5-year warranty to back it up.

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Plug & play with Zero-touch deployment

Save time and resources with Zero-touch deployment for the APPC-10SLBe! Android Zero-touch allows you to streamline device deployment by creating preconfigured setups that are automatically loaded once the device is activated and connected to the internet. Benefit from reduced deployment time, increased efficiency and unlimited scalability by leveraging Zero-touch deployment for the APPC-10SLBe.

Learn more about Zero-touch deployment

Unlimited possibilities

The APPC-10SLBe is suitable for any professional solution and for any industry. From retail and corporate to healthcare and education, no matter what kind of solution you are looking for, the APPC-10SLBe supports it.

Integrated NFC module

Many solutions require the use of Near Field Communication technology. For instances where you might need NFC, like access control or wireless payments, the APPC-10SLBe is there for you. It comes with an internal NFC module, which omits the use of an external NFC module. This allows the device to be easily integrated into a casing or kiosk.

Stand out from the crowd

A unique feature first introduced with our other models in the SLB-series, the full RGB surround LED bar has become synonymous with ProDVX. This client-favourite feature is also included on the APPC-10SLBe, so you can easily signal room availability, payment status, or anything else you might wish.

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Power over Ethernet

Forget about the hassle of cable management, as the APPC-10SLBe is PoE compatible. In addition to efficient cable management, powering your device over Ethernet has many other benefits:

  • PoE consumes less power in comparison with a traditional power supply
  • There is no need for complex power grids to be installed
  • Wired internet connection is inherently more stable than wireless connection
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Reduced reflections

The APPC-10SLBe contributes to a more comfortable viewing experience with its new non-glare treatment. By reducing reflections in well-lit environments, visibility is enhanced and eye strain is diminished.

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