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ProDVX partners use digital communication hardware for solutions at hospitals, health centres, clinics and dentists. Learn more about these solutions below.

  • Access control & visitor registration: welcome patients and let them self-check-in without any effort. Scan codes or visitor passes with our hardware to literally open new doors.
  • Wayfinding system: visitors navigate easily through your location, guided by large displays that automatically adapt to each situation with real-time information and personalised content.
  • Queuing system: our reliable Panel PCs are used for smart queuing in waiting rooms. Check-in, inform, entertain and direct them to their treatment room.
  • Digital signage: provide your patients with the right information and instructions.
  • Room signage: interactive patient room signage will offer you actual and relevant information about each patient and the room. Looking to benefit from optimised treatment room usage? Connect your room signage system to a wayfinding and queuing system. You’ll be able to flexibly schedule specialists and efficiently use treatment rooms, whilst directing your patients to the correct room.
  • Self-service kiosk: focus on patient care with a self-service solution that’s available 24/7.

Learn about our solutions to improve the patient experience

Support patients and improve the patient experience using digital signage solutions at your healthcare organization. Every solution is aimed at making the life of your patients and employees easier. Everybody knows that waiting time negatively affects the patient experience? Same goes for getting lost at a healthcare location. Prevent any frustration and start using digital signage today to create a smart hospital.

Case: nurse call system by IndigoCare

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Relieve staff with digital signage

Digital signage offer endless opportunities to improve the patient experience. It is able to support your staff, so they focus on what they do best: helping patients. Read more about trends in our 2021 trend report.

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“ProDVX hardware improves the work efficiency of nurses“

Niels Kramer | CLB Integrated Solutions

 CLB BV RGB nieuw

"ProDVX provides bulletproof hardware that we integrate in our products"

Marcel Näpflin | Urimat


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