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Discover ProDVX hardware for POS solutions

When choosing hardware for a POS system, there are many features to consider, all of which impact the use of the POS system in store. ProDVX POS displays have features that make them ideally suitable for POS solutions. This way, you never have to worry again about malfunctioning hardware.

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Durable devices made to last

The last thing you want is your POS solution malfunctioning, as this might lead to lost sales. ProDVX POS displays are made from high-quality commercial-grade components, ensuring our digital signage hardware is durable and guarantees business continuity.

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POS displays in different sizes

Your desired POS solution might not be the same as everybody else’s. we understand that, and for this reason we provide POS displays of different sizes, meaning there is always one that fits your needs. Our hardware comes ranges from 7 to 32 inch.

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LED status lights

Through the use of full RGB LED status lights, you can easily signal whether a payment has been performed successfully. You can choose POS displays that have either 2-sided LED status lights or a surround LED bar that cover the entire edge of the display. Have the LEDs turn green when a transaction is successful, or red when something went wrong.

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Variety of I/O ports

Easily connect any peripheral of your liking to our POS displays, with the wide variety of I/O ports. These allow you to easily attach a payment terminal, receipt printer or any other peripheral you desire. In addition, the Pogo pin connectors on our devices allow you to install our range of accessories, which include an NFC module for wireless payments, and a barcode scanner and camera to scan loyalty cards or price tags.

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Choose your favourite operating system

Ensure your POS system runs on the operating system that you prefer by choosing ProDVX POS displays. Our devices support Android (both the open-source and GSM variants), Windows and Linux. This allows our POS displays to be integrated into your complete POS solution with no effort required.

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Popular ProDVX POS displays

The advantages of a POS system

The benefits of POS systems are numerous, most of these benefits eventually aim to improve the operational efficiency of the business. A POS system can simplify many daily tasks that are otherwise time-consuming for employees to perform. These are some of the biggest advantages of POS systems:

  • Better inventory management: Link the sale of products directly to your inventory management system.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Quick payments result in a decrease in waiting lines at the counter, meaning an increase in customer satisfaction. Additionally, product database access through the POS system means any question can be answered quickly, resulting in a further increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Better & more advanced data: A POS system has the ability to keep track of all types of data. From sales reports to best-selling products, or the amount of each product sold, this data provides important new insights for the business and can easily be accessed from POS displays.

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