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Did the experience, service or product you provide meet your customer's expectations? What do you do well or what can be done better? And the most crucial question, was there enough toilet paper? Stop guessing and find out what your customers think with a Customer Feedback System. A Customer Feedback System is an accessible and useful digital signage solution to learn about your customers' experiences. What can a Customer Feedback System do? And what are the advantages for organisations? Learn about a Customer Feedback System below.

The advantages of Customer Feedback Systems

Using Customer Feedback has many advantages. The five most frequently mentioned advantages are:

  • Continuous up-to-date insight into the quality of your services
  • Direct insight into possible improvements
  • An innovative and customer-friendly image
  • More possibilities to communicate with customers
  • Quantification which is often based on feeling

ProDVX manufacturers reliable hardware for your customer feedback system. Want to know how our customers and partners successfully use a Customer Feedback System? Read the case of ANA Aeroporto in Portugal.

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Customer Feedback Systems displays

Reliable touch displays for 24/7 use

This is how a Customer Feedback System works

When an exceptional customer experience is delivered and perceived, it is important to quantify that experience. To do so, you use a Customer Feedback System. A Customer Feedback System is often installed in a branded kiosk just outside the exit of a specific location. People who have used a service or had an experience can use the Customer Feedback System to rate their experience. Depending on the software, this might involve giving the experience a number from 1 to 10 or choosing a green or red face. You might also want to ask for additional information, particularly in the case of extremely negative feedback. Always try to make it easy for your customer to give his feedback.

The best Displays for a Customer Feedback System

A Customer Feedback System must always operate when you want it to. You don't want to be dependent on the location or the network which might or might not work. The Displays must also be suitable for intensive use because Customer Feedback Systems are often touched by by-passers. You need a reliable and durable solution. And we have the ideal Displays in our assortment. Because our Android and Intel panel pcs:

  • Are specially developed for 24/7 continuous usage
  • Have a powerful CPU and more than sufficient System Memory and Internal Storage
  • Have various I/O ports for USB, micro USB, HDMI and LAN
  • Have Power-over-Ethernet and Wi-Fi to power the Display and operate your application

A good example are the bathroom facilities at an airport. Here people can say whether they are clean using green or red faces. Coincidentally, we have an interesting customer case on this, at ANA Aeroporto in Portugal. But Customer Feedback Systems are often also used at corporate events, festivals or just a visit to a shop. Getting insight is the first step to improvement!

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ProDVX is your partner for any Customer Feedback System. Our reliable hardware is used by thousands of companies via our network all around the world. Need advice for your hardsware? Get in touch with us and one of our digital signage experts will contact you for a free consultation.

If you're looking for software for your solution let us know as well, we can connect you to one of our certified partners.


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