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ANA is responsible for managing 10 airports in mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira. Combined, the airports welcome as much as 60 million visitors per year from all over the world.

The Challenge
With so many passengers, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal wanted to gain more insight in the usage of and satisfaction with the sanitary facilities. Also, working more efficiently was important for ANA Aeroportos de Portugal. Which bathrooms are used often and which not so much? They wanted to optimize the cleaning of the bathrooms, based on actual figures. That's when digital signage came into play.

The Solution
Ésistemas developed a customer feedback kiosk for the sanitary facilities at the airports. Was the bathroom clean? Was there sufficient toilet paper available? Is the toilet broken? Visitors can give feedback about their experiences with the facilities on our 15.6 inch Android Touch Display with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), the APPC-15DSKP. “The APPC-15DSKP is a professional and robust tablet that we can rely on in these projects”, says Fernando Carvalho, Product Manager at Ésistemas. “Because the airport is always open, we can’t risk putting a domestic tablet in the kiosk: they are probably broken after 2 months. The APPC-15DSKP is designed for 24/7 continuous usage and is perfect for us.” Ésistemas connected the feedback kiosk to a system that helped define the cleaning of the facilities. Based on these actual figures, the cleaning company knows when a toilet needs to be cleaned.

The Result
ANA Aeroportos de Portugal now works with a robust and customized customer feedback kiosk at the sanitary facilities. With this kiosk in place, ANA Aeroportos de Portugal has improved its service. Next to that, the cleaning company now works more efficiently because they base their work on actual figures.

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