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You work hard every day to offer customers and visitors an optimal experience. But did you realise that any waiting time negatively influences the customer's attitude to your brand, company or organisation? A Queuing System makes a world of difference, resolves the problem of queues and ensures that you work efficiently. Because waiting is a key factor in a visitor experience. But how does it work? And what are the advantages of a Queuing System?

The advantages of a Queuing System

Using a Queuing System has various advantages. Four of the most frequently mentioned advantages are:

  • Optimise your visitor flows. A Queuing System quickly and easily directs visitors to the right department or desk.
  • Save time by phasing out communication between employees and automating communication with visitors.
  • Professional welcome. A Queuing System ensures a professional first impression of your organisation.
  • Positive attitude. With the Queuing System, visitors are directed quickly to the right desk or department, giving them a positive feeling about your organisation.

Contact one of our digital signage experts today to learn which advantages a Queuing System has for you. We manufacture the hardware, like a panel pc, that's needed for this solution and can also connect you to the right software partner to design the application.

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This is how a Queuing System works

Many organisations register visitors with a pre-booked appointment when they arrive. These might be offices, local or semi-public bodies, healthcare organisations and logistics companies. They want to direct these people as efficiently as possible to the relevant person or department. Because any waiting time negatively influences the visitor's experience. Long queues are annoying. Which is why organisations choose a Queuing System.

A Queuing System is a solution which consists of hardware, such as a Signage Display, and Queuing Software. Visitors report to a reception or visitor registration system. A number or name and the department or person they need to see appears on the Signage Display. This prevents long queues and allows organisations to work much more efficiently.

The ideal Displays for a Queuing System

Because any waiting time negatively influences the visitor's experience, it is even more important that your Queuing System is Always On. Which is our slogan. Why should you choose our Displays?

  • All our screens have been specifically designed for 24/7 continuous usage
  • You can power our screens via Power-over-Ethernet, or via a traditional Power Supply
  • With various connectivity options, such as USB, micro USB, LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Pogo Pins for accessories

ProDVX has many partners worldwide who offer Queuing Systems in combination with our Signage Displays or Android and Intel SOC Touch Displays. Here is an overview of the Displays from our portfolio that are typically used for this.

We are your Queuing System Display partner

Our extensive assortment of Digital Signage Displays are ideal for Queuing Systems. Want to know more about our hardware? Get in touch today for a free consultation! If you're looking for a software solution get in touch as well, so we can find the right partner for you in our network.


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