Windows digital signage explained

Digital Signage comes in all shapes, sizes, colours and smells. But Digital Signage in a store is a totally different ball game than that in a hotel, hospital, conference centre or office. Yet it's all called Digital Signage. And the same applies to Windows Digital Signage. In this article, you'll learn:

  • What Windows Digital Signage is
  • Which Windows OS is suitable for Digital Signage
  • What products can be used in a Digital Signage solution with Windows OS
  • Which ProDVX all-in-one displays to use for it

What is Windows Digital Signage?

Well, not digital signage in windows! Although retail often uses Digital Signage solutions, in this context we mean digital signage which uses the Windows operating system.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is pretty simple. With just one click, you can update the content on any display. From a central location, for an infinite number of displays. It requires three things: hardware, software and content.

Digital Signage changes how you interact with your public. Digital Signage enables you to deliver targeted and dynamic visual content.

It has been proven that this increases the involvement of your public, whilst lowering the costs. On this page we tell you all there is to know about the theme Digital Signage.

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Why use the Windows OS?

ProDVX hardware runs on Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSB/LTSC) IoT. There are three important reasons why users choose for this OS:

  • Familiar: In environments where Security has top priority, a Windows OS inspires confidence and provides stability.
  • Productivity: Build on existing and proven technology to manage Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSB/LTSC) IoT devices.
  • Smart: With Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSB/LTSC) IoT, you can easily connect devices to your own network or the Cloud.

We supply a wide range of products which use Windows as its operating system. These products are part of our IPPC range and all run on Intel.

To be able to operate Windows on these displays, you obviously need a Windows licence. We recommend the Windows 10 (Enterprise LTSB/LTSC) IoT. This is a version of Windows 10 which offers business manageability and security for IoT solutions. Functions that you won't need for your solution are not part of it, so you won't pay for something you'll not use. You can use the same familiar development and management tools like client PCs and laptops.

Get in touch today if you want to learn more. One of our digital signage experts will show you how this all-in-one touch display works for you.

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