Digital signage for government agencies

Communication is key. The saying especially rings true for government agencies. Because on all levels of government, be it local, state, federal or national, informing the public as well as government workers is one of its main and essential tasks. Leverage the benefits of digital signage solutions for government agencies, such as meeting room signage, queuing and access control systems and wayfinding solutions. When it comes to digital signage for government agencies, the possibilities are truly endless.

On this page you will learn about:

  • The benefits of digital signage solutions in a government environment
  • Several solutions for government agencies
  • Our hardware offerings to support these solutions

Benefits of digital signage for governments

Digital signage offers many different advantages for government agencies. With meeting room signage, you can easily book meeting rooms so that your employees never have to walk the entire floor just to find them all occupied. Bring order to chaotic waiting lines with our customer-friendly hardware for queuing systems and show visitors where to go with the help of wayfinding systems. Keep out uninvited guests by implementing access control systems to regulate who can enter the building. Digital signage saves time, money and prevents unwanted visitors from going where they do not belong.

Solutions for government agencies

Room signage

Don’t let your employees waste another minute looking for an available meeting room. ProDVX offers hardware to support your digital signage solutions. Together with our many partners, we are able to offer a fitting solution adjusted to your needs. Allow your employees to book meeting rooms in advance, which can be done from anywhere. LED bars in our models can even signal the availability of meeting rooms to others. These models have either 2-sided or surround LED bars. Meeting room occupied? Display red light. Meeting room free? Show green to signal its availability.


Guide your visitors to where they need to be with a wayfinding system, which runs flawlessly on ProDVX hardware. Visitors being lost inside your building costs both time and money, and is undesirable, especially in government buildings. A big benefit to a wayfinding system is that it is always up to date, in contrast to traditional signposting. Is the second floor getting a new lick of paint? Easily direct visitors to another floor through the customisability of a wayfinding system.

Customer feedback

As a governmental institution, it is important to know if the services that you provide are of acceptable quality. The best way to discover if you are doing a good job is to implement a customer feedback system. ProDVX provides digital signage hardware that can easily facilitate software for feedback systems. This way, you will be able to find out where your strengths lie, and what points of service can still be improved upon.

Self-service kiosk

I-Kiosks are an effective and cost-saving way of helping out visitors. Visitors can use an I-Kiosk to find where they need to be or to find other relevant information. ProDVX offers digital signage hardware that works perfectly for self-service kiosk solutions. Visitors will have no issue using ProDVX hardware as our 10 touch PCAP is customer-friendly and easy to operate. Furthermore, you can boost interaction by adding a camera module using our Pogo pin connectors. This camera can then be used to scan QR-codes, which will give the visitor directions on where to go or whom to speak with.

Self order kiosk 1080


No matter whether you have people waiting in line to pick up their driver’s license or to apply for a permit, waiting lines are inherently bad for visitor experience. Organise your waiting lines with a queuing system. Integrate visitor management into your queuing system to let visitors pre-book an appointment to increase efficiency even more. This way, all they have to do is report to a visitor registration system which automatically includes the person into the queue. ProDVX hardware is designed to efficiently run these types of software.

Access control

Especially within government buildings, it is crucial that people cannot access places that they are not supposed to be. That is why an access control system is highly beneficial to any level of government. ProDVX offers reliable digital signage hardware that can run access control systems, designed by our partners. Implementation of such a digital signage solution ensures that your building is protected from unwanted individuals. Visitors and employees can use keys or cards that you can issue to provide them with access to the building or room. This allows you to control who has access on an individual level.

Hardware features for government digital signage

Full RGB LED bar for extra impact

Corporate solutions greatly benefit from an LED bar. Indicate whether the meeting room is available with a 2-sided LED Bar or even Surround LED Bar.

Sizes available from 7 inch to 32 inch

Smaller displays are great for room signage and access control, while our bigger displays are popular for wayfinding systems and digital signage.

Power over Ethernet+ to benefit from optimal cable management

Based on years of installation experience, ProDVX hardware is optimised for efficient installation. No need for complex cabling plans or extending the building’s power grid. The ProDVX products come with a single cable installation, called PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). With PoE+, you benefit from network and electricity in just one cable! So, it’s easy to install our hardware anywhere in your store.

Accurate touch functionality

With our accurate and user-friendly 10-point touch PCAP, it’s easy to book a meeting room directly from the meeting room display or let your guest check in at the foyer. All without any frustration.

Enhance hardware with external modules on the Pogo pin connectors

Our hardware applies a user-friendly method to quickly connect extra modules: the Pogo pin connector. For example, an NFC module to scan an employee’s access pass or a camera module to scan objects like QR codes. Powerful tools for access control and visitor registration.

Scan for access with an internal NFC module

Scan your access pass without requiring an external NFC module. This way, the product can easily be incorporated into custom casings. For example, a self-service kiosk which is often used for visitor registration.

Ultimate connectivity: any I/O port you ever wanted

Connect almost any peripheral to our hardware. Discover all the ports such as HDMI-in and -out, USB 2.0 and 3.0, Wifi-BT, SPDIF, RS232, RJ45, DB9 and much more.

Government digital signage hardware by ProDVX

ProDVX offers a wide array of digital signage hardware, well-suited for government agencies. As a hardware specialist, we have a large portfolio of displays, panel pc's and accessories to support your digital signage solution.


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