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With almost 200,000 inhabitants, Apeldoorn is one of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands. Approximately 1300 people work for the municipality of Apeldoorn one way or another. The town hall is the heart of this municipality.

The Challenge

Ultimately, the municipality of Apeldoorn has set the goal of delegating the task of reserving meeting rooms to the employees, so that they don’t need to depend on the secretariat to do so. Communication between different departments makes it difficult to reserve and manage meeting rooms and also causes misunderstandings. Is the space occupied or available at the moment? When can I come in? It was necessary to find a digital signage solution to automate the process.

The Solution

The municipality of Apeldoorn uses Reflex RoomManager’s room booking system to reserve and manage meeting rooms. The software is linked to our APPC-10DSKPL, an Android SOC Touch Display with LED lights on both sides of the screen. Employees and visitors will find an APPC-10DSKPL at the entrance of every meeting room.

The Result

The process of reserving a room in Apeldoorn has been automated thanks to the combination of Reflex RoomManager and our APPC-10DSKPL display. In addition, people have more flexibility, because a staff member can instantly check whether the meeting room is available and at what time, and book it on the spot.

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