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ProDVX partners use our hardware for solutions in hotels, restaurants & bars, museums and events. Learn more about these solutions below.

  • Access control & visitor registration: welcome any guest, issue an access pass or scan any code or access pass with our hardware and additional modules like a NFC card reader or a camera to scan any (QR-)code.
  • Self-service kiosk: browse information, place an order and let customers pay at a self-service (POS) kiosk.
  • Digital signage: highlight products that are close to their expiry date, promote extra services or cross-sell products with our impactful displays.
  • Wayfinding system: guide your guests to any destination with hardware that automatically adapts to each situation by offering real-time information and personalised content.
  • Room signage: inform guests about room usage in your hotel or conference centre with our small Panel PCs.
  • Customer feedback system: gather important insights to find out what guests think about your service.

Cases for the hospitality industry

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Whitepaper: the role of the right hardware in your hospitality tender

Planning, collaboration and risk management. These are just a few topics that will most probably return in every tender you make. But... did you know that choosing the right hardware also improves your chances of winning?

We will offer you four tips that improve your chances of winning your hospitality tender. The tips are based on recent insights about requirements in the market. Read them, learn how hardware impacts your tender and be super prepared when you approach your next tender!

Smart solutions.

To improve the guest experience.

Businesses such as hotels and restaurants use our hardware to support applications like self-service kiosks, price checkers, digital signage and POS.


It’s all about the guest’s experience

Delight guests and exceed their expectations. ProDVX products are used to create the ultimate (personalised) guest experience. Our products have proved to be indispensable at a time when the industry is re-opening, but the rules of the game have changed.

Our hardware supports you and takes over obligatory workload in a time when low occupancy rates are combined with higher fixed and variable costs, arising from new safety protocols. Our hardware is working 24/7 in a time when it is hard to attract new talent, but even more difficult to retain talent due to the disruption to the industry.

Learn how our hardware is used for hospitality solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and even help boost turnover.

Our hardware for the hospitality industry


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