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Media.Monks x Diz x Sjef. x ProDVX

Media.Monks boosts employee satisfaction and saves costs with a POS system

Media.Monks is a Dutch end-to-end digital communication company that integrates creativity, data, media, and technology to help businesses elevate their branding, communications, and operations. As their team was growing rapidly, they decided to implement a point-of-sale solution in their company restaurant. Keep reading to discover the software, hardware, and associated benefits of this solution!

Facing the challenge: Creating an optimal lunch break experience

Employees want to enjoy their lunch breaks without spending half of their time waiting in line. In order to prevent long waiting times and enhance employee experiences, Media.Monks decided to install five self-service payment kiosks. To implement this solution, they partnered with Diz, who in turn decided to involve Sjef. and ProDVX for this project.

POS system at Media.Monks

Crafting a tailored POS system with Diz and Sjef.

Diz decided to collaborate with Sjef. and ProDVX to assemble a customised point-of-sale solution for Media.Monks. While Sjef. provided both software and hardware components, Diz and ProDVX contributed hardware expertise. Collectively, we delivered a seamless POS system that met Media.Monks’ requirements.

Kiosk app by Sjef.

The Sjef. Kiosk app simplifies and accelerates the order and payment process, featuring a simple layout developed to make life easier for the user. It enables offline payments, ensuring employees can still enjoy meals from the restaurant even during internet outages.

By integrating this app with Sjef.’s e285 payment terminal, the kiosk can accept payments from debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets, offering employees the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method.

Good to know is that Sjef. works closely with its customers and partners to create a solution that enhances the environment for end-customers.

POS Kiosk at Media.Monks

Customised Kiosk by Diz

As hygiene is a top priority for hospitality venues, it was crucial to create a POS solution that facilitated easy cleaning of both the restaurant and the kiosks.

Diz, a manufacturer of high-quality kiosks, designed a customised kiosk for Media.Monks that could be connected to the ceiling. This makes it easy for staff to clean the area around the kiosk, ensuring high hygiene standards in the company restaurant of Media.Monks.

POS solution at Media.Monks

High-quality display by ProDVX

For this project, our IPPC-10SLB is used as the POS display. This 10-inch Intel Panel PC is ideal for point-of-sale systems. Equipped with an accurate 10-point PCAP touch functionality, it provides a user-friendly interface. Its size makes it easy to integrate into the customised kiosk provided, while its robust construction ensures reliable performance.

Additionally, a wide variety of I/O ports enables seamless integration of numerous peripherals, including Sjef.’s payment terminal. With Power over Ethernet+ capability, the IPPC-10SLB offers simplified installation, making it a versatile and efficient addition to any POS setup while ensuring optimal user experiences.

Point-of-sale at Media.Monks

Discover our IPPC-10SLB

The results & benefits for Media.Monks

Media.Monks decided to implement a point-of-sale solution in its company restaurant by installing five self-service payment kiosks. This initiative enhanced employee satisfaction by simplifying the payment process and preventing long waiting times. Moreover, it resulted in savings on personnel costs, as employees could handle their meal payments independently, eliminating the need for a dedicated cashier.

In summary, implementing an all-in-one POS system, comprising reliable hardware and software, brought numerous benefits to Media.Monks and its employees, including the prevention of any frustration caused by waiting in a queue during their lunch breaks.

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