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With nearly 100 hotels, which are mostly run by family members, Van der Valk is a unique family business. Over the past century, Van der Valk locations have been added in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands Antilles.

The Challenge

Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht is situated in the heart of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The hotel’s clientele consists of both international tourists as well as business travellers. Consequently, the hotel was designed around providing convenience and comfort for this diverse clientele which necessitated provision of a robust internal communications system to support a variety of applications.

The Solution

Our partner NDS - the developer of PADS4 - together with InfoScreens, created a digital signage platform in the Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht to support digital signage solutions like infotainment, wayfinding and advertising using ProDVX displays. “The whole system uses the EasyInfo InfoScreens content management system, which is seamlessly linked to PADS4 and Hotel Van der Valk’s systems”, said Peter den Burger, Marketing Communications Manager for NDS.

The Result

Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht now uses the digital signage network to support events, meetings, conferences, and to welcome guests and guide them to their destinations in the hotel. The hotel management is delighted with their data-driven signage solution, because of its simplicity of use, system stability, and creative design applications, all of which meet their customers’ needs.

Do you want to learn more about PADS4? Check out www.pads4.com and find out the diverse solutions they offer.

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