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GIC Kuwait is an important partner of ProDVX and has built strong and successful professional relationships with their clients locally, regionally, and globally. This stems from their goal to expand on the sources of Information Technology and adapting the most advanced Information Technology Solutions.

The Challenge

Hyundai Kuwait requested us to implement a fully automated Queue Management system which can reduce the perception of waiting times.

The Solution

GIC developed a queue management solution (Q-TOUCH) for Hyundai Kuwait, which works with ProDVX products. They are integrated as Counter displays. The system is comprised of different applications and hardware. This is ideal for organizations which have different branches at different locations. The system works as follows, customers enter the system with their customer ID and license plate number. Once entered into the system, it automatically identifies the requirements and directs the customer to the correct service agent. In this case ProDVX was integrated as part of the digital signage acting as the main display units. The ProDVX device that was chosen for this solution is the APPC-10SLB.

The ProDVX APPC-10SLB is a 10.1 inch Android Panel PC with many different features that make it the perfect device for a solution like queue management. First of all, its brightness of 500 cd/m2 ensures that the display stands out and that the displayed content can be clearly seen by the customers. Another iconic feature that makes the APPC-10SLB stand out is its surround LED bar, which can be used to signal whose turn in the line it is. In addition, the various I/O ports on the APPC-10SLB make it a versatile device, and allow you to connect it either to a traditional power supply or through Power over Ethernet. Additional I/O ports ensure you can add any peripheral that you want.

The Result

The successful implementation of this project has replaced the traditional queue line with service minded system where integrity and the individual needs come first. Hence, Q-touch with the utilization of ProDVX reduced the perception of waiting times, which in turn, increases customer loyalty, improves productivity and ultimately profitability.

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