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L’EFB implements information and attendance system for greater efficiency on campus

L’EFB, l’école de formation Professionnelle des Barreaux du ressort de la cour d’appel de Paris, is the largest of France’s eleven regional centres for legal professional training. Annually, l’EFB welcomes 1,500 to 2,000 trainees and over 30,000 continuing students. To ensure efficiency in enrolling and informing these students, l’EFB decided to implement a new digital information and attendance system. Continue reading and discover more about this solution and its benefits.

Facing the challenge: Improved efficiency on campus

Welcoming a couple of hundred students a day requires a proper information and attendance management system. Teachers should not have to spend the first part of their lecture ‘manually’ checking attendance. Instead, this valuable time should be used to educate students. Additionally, it is essential to inform students about what class is taking place, changes in the schedule, or additional relevant topics. Therefore, l’EFB installed a new digital information and attendance system, enhancing efficiency in student enrolment, attendance management, and information dissemination.

Attendancesystem EFB2

A brand-new solution by Edusign, PADS4, and ProDVX

To develop this information and attendance system for l’EFB, Alexis Charlet, Systems and Networks Engineer at l’EFB, brought together Edusign and PADS4. Both parties integrated their applications with ProDVX APPC-10XP Panel PCs, ensuring a seamless solution for l’EFB to enhance efficiency on campus.

Room Signage panel by ProDVX

Our APPC-10XP is used as the room signage display for the information and attendance system at l’EFB. The 10-inch Android Panel PCs are installed next to the classroom doors. Thanks to their high brightness, students can easily scan the QR code with their mobile phones and clearly read the information displayed on the screen.

The VESA mounting frame and Power over Ethernet functionality facilitate hassle-free installation, requiring only one network cable for both power and internet. As our devices are designed for 24/7 use, they are ideal for educational institutions where devices are intensively used and have long working hours.


Attendance system by EDUSIGN

The Edusign QR Code Attendance application generates QR codes that allow students to sign attendance sheets upon entering the classroom. The QR code renews every 5 seconds, preventing fraud as students cannot share the QR code quickly enough with those not present at school. If absent, students can justify their absence within the mobile app. This justification is visible to the teachers.

After class, teachers can export attendance sheets in just a few clicks and, if required, filter them by date, individuals, lesson, or groups. The Edusign app simplifies student enrolment and attendance management, hereby saving time and reducing the workload for teachers.

Digital Signage software by PADS4

The Digital Signage application of PADS4 is an easy-to-use solution for displaying information such as text, images, and videos on digital devices. In this particular case, the app retrieves the dynamic QR code from the Edusign app and other content such as course schedules, attendance rules, or emergency and security messages.

Next, the app displays the content on the designated screens across campus. This allows students to sign attendance sheets and find real-time information about courses or other important topics, enabling l’EFB to offer improved service to the students.

Results & Benefits for l’EFB

By implementing this solution, l’EFB has significantly increased efficiency on campus. Teachers can start their classes immediately, as they no longer need to check attendance themselves. They can easily export attendance sheets and analyse them without having to deal with many loose papers or Excel sheets.

Moreover, students can easily find information on what lecture is taking place and where, improving information dissemination and student traffic management on campus.

Attendance system l'EFB

In summary, implementing a new digital information and attendance system, comprising reliable hardware and software, has brought numerous benefits to the staff and students of l’EFB, most importantly, overall greater efficiency on campus.

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