Rijn IJssel x Reflex x ProDVX

A room booking system at Rijn IJssel to help students & staff find meeting rooms

Rijn IJssel stands as a prominent educational institution, boasting 23 branches spread across the Arnhem/Nijmegen/Wageningen region. With an engagement of 15,000 students, the societal footprint and impact of Rijn IJssel in the region cannot be overstated.

Watch the video for this case and learn from the head of Facility Management department at Rijn IJssel why they chose the solution. Read the full case below.

Facing the Challenge: Ad Hoc Meeting Demands

Given its vast student body and dedicated staff, the demand for impromptu, face-to-face meetings became more apparent. Both students and staff sought spaces for private discussions, but the challenge was often in quickly finding an available room.


Embracing Technology: The Partnership

To navigate this issue, Rijn IJssel engaged Reflex Online. After a comprehensive assessment of Rijn IJssel's requirements, the two entities collaborated to roll out an advanced room booking solution, which consists of software by Reflex Online and hardware by ProDVX.

Software by Reflex Online

Firstly, Reflex Online offers two distinctive software features to make room booking at Rijn IJssel easy: redirecting users to available meeting rooms and an integration with Outlook calendars. A common scenario is that you come to a room that is occupied. You can then find another free space in the building on the display.

Also, the solution's integration with Outlook calendars ensures a unified booking experience. The integration with Outlook not only facilitates advance room reservations but also streamlines on-the-spot bookings, which are instantaneously reflected in Outlook calendars.


Hardware by ProDVX

Next to that, it's worth noting that the ProDVX APPC-10SLB displays are Reflex Online’s top choice for room booking. The APPC-10SLB is designed by ProDVX to maximize the user experience. Its Surround LED Bar enables students and staff to quickly find available rooms from a distance. The device works just like a traffic light: when the LED bar turns red, the room is occupied. On the other hand, with a green LED bar you can enter the room.


These products were used

Installation made easy with PoE & ProDVX mounts

Finally, installing displays throughout Rijn IJssel was a breeze too. Thanks to the Power over Ethernet functionality on the APPC-10SLB, internet and electricity come from a single network cable. There was no need to extend the building’s power grid, which would have otherwise been a challenge in the monumental areas of the buildings. To top it off, glass and wall mounts made it easy to install displays on different types of surface that were found at each meeting room.

The result & benefits for Rijn IJssel

The days of endlessly searching for an open room are over, saving considerable time and reducing hassle. Feedback from the staff has been resoundingly positive, especially applauding the feature of locating available rooms in real-time. Currently, 50 rooms are bookable using this solution, marking an enhancement in Rijn IJssel's operational efficiency.




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