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Supreme performing hardware to match smart signage solutions

Improve the patient experience by adding digital touchpoints across your healthcare location. This ultimately improves patient satisfaction because patients check-in without any effort, benefit from a optimized queuing system and are able to nativate easily.

Our reliable and durable hardware offers seven smart solutions to create a smart hospital and improve patient experience.

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Seven smart signage solutions to improve patient experience

ProDVX displays and touchscreens meet the critical security and quality standards that apply in healthcare. They are easy to install at every location and their supreme performance ensures zero downtime. Our worldwide partners use a ProDVX panel pc and other hardware for six smart digital signage solutions.


Ensure Smooth self check-in for patients by using a self service kiosk. It reduces the burden on your reception staff and helps them focus on more important matters. Our APPC-13XP is a true performer when it comes to improving a check-in process.

Way finding

Help patients navigate and improve patient satisfaction by using digital wayfinding solutions. It enables your patients to easily find their destination. The ProDVX 22XP or UW displays are perfect to use in combination with way finding solutions.

Queuing system

Once patients reach their destination, make it easy for them to check-in and wait to be called for. Integrate optimized queuing solutions in your waiting room or even educate them while they wait by using digital signage solutions. The 10SLBW or 22XP are perfect for this.

Room signage

Reliablee room signage solutions display room availability and other essential information. The 7XPL is a reliable meeting room display and it’s green and red LED’s and accessible price will help manage every room at your healthcare location.

Access control

Add access restrictions with access control solutions. Our new 10SLBWN with integrated NFC module will make access control easier than ever. Access is only granted to those with the right entry-card and is only a matter of holding it against the display.

Customer feedback

Improving patient experience starts by measuring patient satisfaction. Ask patients about their experience using easy-to-use customer feedback solutions on a ProDVX 10XPL with RGB LEDs.

Nurse calling

Providing an adequate healthcare service to patients and working efficiently are advantages of installing a nurse calling system with a APPC-10X.

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