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Provide the ultimate user experience

Introducing the new APPC-15XP-R23, this highly versatile 15.6-inch Android Panel PC is designed to improve any solution. With its powerful RK3399 CPU and Android 11 operating system, this device offers high performance and seamless user experience.

Up-and-running in no time

Equipped with Power over Ethernet technology, the APPC-15XP-R23 allows for simple and flexible installation, eliminating the need for additional power cables. The device features pogo pin ports, enabling easy and secure connectivity with a wide range of peripherals, such as cameras, barcode scanners or LED modules. In addition, the APPC-15XP-R23 comes with a VESA 100 pattern, making it easy to attach the device to a wide range of mounts, brackets or stands.

Limitless connectivity

The APPC-15XP-R23 boasts an extensive array of I/O ports, providing unparalleled flexibility for any application. Whether it's for digital signage, interactive kiosks, or point-of-sale, the APPC-15XP-R23 can handle it all with ease. Upgrade your solution with the APPC-15XP-R23 and enjoy the benefits of a highly versatile device that offers unmatched performance, flexibility, and durability.

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Enrich the total solution

When software and hardware truly complement one another, the total solution is able to leverage the best of both worlds. Learn which hardware features are important to take into account to create the most effective solution in our latest whitepaper.

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Perfect for your solution

The APPC-15XP-R23 is a highly versatile Android Panel PC that is designed to comply with the increasing hardware demands of various solutions and industries. Regardless of the software you intend to operate, the APPC-15XP-R23 is built as a future-proof device that can endure the demands of sustained and intense use.

Self-service kiosk

The APPC-15XP-R23 Android Panel PC is an excellent choice for self-service kiosk solutions for a variety of reasons. Firstly, its 15-inch size is perfect for displaying interactive content and menus, making it easy for customers to navigate and select items. Additionally, the accurate 10-point PCAP touch panel ensures a seamless and responsive user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Furthermore, the device is equipped with PoE+ connectivity, which reduces the need for additional power cables and simplifies installation. The VESA 100 mounting allows for easy integration with existing kiosk setups, while the large variety of I/O ports and pogo pin ports provide flexibility and expandability for connecting peripherals and accessories.

Overall, the APPC-15XP-R23 offers a powerful and versatile solution for self-service kiosks, enhancing the customer experience and streamlining operations for businesses. With its Android 11 operating system, intuitive touch panel, and comprehensive connectivity options, the APPC-15XP-R23 is an excellent device for any business looking to optimize their self-service kiosk solutions.

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Digital signage

The APPC-15XP-R23 is an excellent choice for digital signage applications. With Android 11, the setup and management of the device is easy and intuitive, making it simple to operate in a variety of settings.

The VESA 100 mountability of the APPC-15XP-R23 allows for flexible installation options, enabling it to be mounted on walls, stands, or other surfaces, depending on the needs of the digital signage installation. The PoE+ capability means that the device can be powered and connected to the network using a single Ethernet cable, reducing the need for additional power outlets and simplifying the installation process.

The 15 inch display of the APPC-15XP-R23 is large enough to convey messages effectively, while still being compact enough to fit into a variety of spaces. The high resolution display provides crisp, clear images and videos, making it ideal for showcasing product information, advertisements, or other promotional content.

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Queue management

For any queuing system, the APPC-15XP-R23 is an excellent device. Its 15-inch size is perfect for displaying real-time queue management information, allowing customers to stay informed about their place in line.

In addition, the APPC-15XP-R23 comes with a variety of I/O ports that allow for easy connection of peripherals, such as ticket printers or scanners. These scanners can be used to further streamline the registration process for the wating line. Allow customers to scan a barcode or QR-code to instantly enter their information into the system. The ticket printer can then provide them with a physical token containing their place in the queue.


For wayfinding systems, the APPC-15XP-R23 is also a highly suitable option. Its 15-inch size is perfect for displaying interactive digital maps and displays, providing customers with a clear view of their surroundings. The accurate 10-point PCAP touch panel ensures a seamless and responsive user experience, allowing customers to interact with the system quickly and easily.

Customer feedback

Do you want to improve operations? Use the APPC-15XP-R23 for your customer feedback system and be sure to receive the reviews you're looking for. Its 15-inch size and accurate 10-point PCAP touch panel make it easy and intuitive for customers to provide feedback. The Android 11 operating system provides a familiar and user-friendly interface for customers, allowing them to interact with the system quickly and easily.

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