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Discover all about our latest innovations in our new Journey Forward webinar series. During the webinars, we will embark on a tour to explore our newest innovations, and highlight their benefits. We will discuss how they work, use cases, and the advantages of working with our latest innovations.


When: Tuesday, March 26th at 11AM CET - look back here

Subject: Join us and learn all about ProMGR, our new device management tool. This new tool is designed to empower businesses with advanced system monitoring, real-time diagnostics, and remote management capabilities. This webinar will explore how ProMGR works, its benefits, and how to get started with it.

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When: Tuesday, April 9th at 11AM CET - look back here

Subject: Join us and learn all about the ProDVX API, our new universal API that enables seamless integration between software and ProDVX hardware. Find out how it works, and how it simplifies software development for ProDVX devices.

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Device security

When: Tuesday, April 23rd at 11AM CET

Subject: Join us and learn why ProDVX devices are among the most secure in the market. During this webinar, we will explore the security features that are incorporated into ProDVX products and how these ensure you can rest assured that your fleet benefits from optimal device security.

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Zero Touch deployment

When: Tuesday, May 7th at 11AM CET

Subject: Join this webinar to learn all about Zero Touch deployment for the APPC-10SLBe. During this webinar, you will find our what exactly Zero Touch deployment is, how it works, and all of its benefits.

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