Smart Hospital and the role of ProDVX hardware

In a smart hospital, patient and visitor experience is improved using technology and digital communication solutions. At a time characterised by an aging population, rising healthcare costs, global pandemics such as COVID-19 and a large administrative burden for employees, the digitalisation of important healthcare processes brings a solution to the table.

Learn more about our hardware features and its role in the hospital of the future. Below you’ll discover the smart hospital solutions that ensure higher efficiency, happier employees and an improved patient experience with more insights.

A journey through the smart hospital

ProDVX hardware is integrated in smart hospital solutions to ensure 24/7 continuity of critical healthcare processes. When patients or visitors journey through your healthcare location, they encounter a selection of solutions that use our hardware.

Smart hospital journey

Visitor registration and access control

A Panel PC to act as your gatekeeper

Welcome patients at your smart hospital and let them check themselves in without any effort on a registration kiosk. ProDVX touch panels are easy to clean and therefore support any hygiene policy.

Often there's no need at all to touch screens. Patients and visitors are able to scan codes or visitor passes with our hardware and modules. It literally opens new doors.

A ProDVX Panel PC with a barcode or NFC module that’s at the heart of the registration kiosk acts like a central commander. A check-in on the application that’s running on our Panel PC triggers a number of processes. Through the Panel PC’s I/O ports, it triggers all digital communication solutions to effortlessly guide the patient to their destination, while also letting the nurse or doctor know the patient has arrived.

Wayfinding system

Panel PCs with PoE+ to install them everywhere

Patients and visitors can navigate easily through your smart hospital, guided by large Panel PCs that are installed throughout the building. They are automatically adapted to each situation with real-time information and interactive personalised content. A ProDVX Panel PC that’s used for a wayfinding system supports integrations with any other digital communication solutions. The ProDVX UW-series are easily installed in the ceiling of a hallway because of their form.

For example, PoE+ ensures efficient installation throughout the hospital. There is no need for complex cabling plans or extending the power grid. Our products come with a single cable installation called PoE+ (Power over Ethernet). With PoE+, you benefit from Internet and electricity in just one cable! So, it’s easy to install hardware wherever you want at your healthcare location.

Queuing system

Accessible information on bright screens

Our reliable Panel PCs are used for smart queuing in waiting rooms. Have patients check in with accurate touch functionalities, making the check-in process accessible for every type of patient. Or inform (visually impaired) patients on high-brightness screens and direct patients to their treatment room.

Smart hospital queuing system

Self-service kiosk

Reliable hardware with external modules for 24/7 availability

Support staff and focus on patient care with a self-service kiosk solution that’s available 24/7. ProDVX Panel PCs are known for their reliability, ensuring 24/7 availability of your services for patients, while supporting doctors, nurses and other staff.

The Pogo pin connectors on our Panel PCs allow for easy expansion with external modules. Modules that scan barcodes and QR-codes (barcode module), objects in general (camera module) or patient cards (NFC module).

Kiosk smart hospital

Patient room signage

Communicate critical information emphasised with a LED bar

Interactive patient room signage will offer you updated and relevant information about each patient and the room. The room display supports every connection you would ever want to make:

  • Medical record of the patient
  • Patient tablet in a smart bed
  • Hospital solutions currently in place

Enhance the patient room display with a NFC reader to enable doctors and nurses to view privacy information that's for their eyes only, for example the medical record. A patient room display also benefits from a full RGB LED bar that emphasises the message on a patient room display, ensuring efficient communication of critical information. This will increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Examples of critical information to include on the patient room display:

  • Infection risks of a patient
  • If the patient requires specific attention (bad hearing, visually impaired)
  • If the patient needs to stay sober

Because you’re also able to manually enter info on the touch screen, other departments (cleaning, technical service) have access to the patient room display too.

The patients themselves also have access to information on the room display through their tablet. This way, critical personal information can be controlled (how they feel today, do not disturb mode).

Digital signage

Large assortment to support every kind of message

Provide your patients with the right information and instructions: forewarned is forearmed. Connect a Box PC to existing screens already in the field to turn them into (interactive) digital signage players, or simply stream instructions on ProDVX Signage Displays. Big (32 inch) or small (7 inch): for every situation there’s a display solution.

Nurse calling system

Keep staff informed

Nurses can prioritize patient visits in a smart hospital with a nurse calling system. Reliable ProDVX hardware makes your nurse calling application available to your workforce and connects it to any other system that’s in place, to make sure you can deliver the best possible healthcare service.

Treatment room signage

Connect systems to optimise room usage

Looking to benefit from optimised treatment room usage in your smart hospital? Connect your treatment room signage system to a wayfinding and queuing system. You’ll be able to flexibly schedule healthcare specialists and efficiently use treatment rooms, whilst directing your patients to the correct room.

Smart bed

Patient tablets that act as a virtual assistant

Our smaller Panel PCs (7 and 10 inch) are easily integrated in any smart bed at your smart hospital. They act as a tablet for the patients to control their room and express their needs. Via our Panel PCs they can have real-time insight about their medical record, request remote consults (and play back these consults), access their patient room signage display, order meals (matched to their personal dietary restrictions) and of course control lights, temperature and blinds.

Smart hospital smart bed tablet

Privacy proof patient display

Display sensitive information thats only accessible by doctors and nurses

In an age where privacy protection is becoming increasingly important, attention should be paid to carefull communication of a patient's health status. Create a privacy proof patient display inside the patient's room with ProDVX hardware. A privacy proof display replaces any traditional whiteboard!

Combine a Panel PC of 22 to 27 inch with a NFC module to be able to give only a selection of docters and nurses access to the displayed health info. With just one scan of their badge, the medical record of the patient can be shown. While the screen ican be used for other purposes the rest of the time.

Nfc smart hospital

Smart hospital hardware

The hospital of the future with hardware of the future

Close collaborations between parties involved will make the difference

ProDVX experts will take you by the hand and join you on your journey to create the smart hospital. We understand that, in order to create the hospital of the future, we need to closely collaborate with all parties involved, including software application developers and the actual users of the solution.

Are you a software developer? Get in touch to learn how our hardware works with your application.

Are you an end-user? Know that we can help you with more than just the hardware – we’re also able to introduce you to our network of healthcare application developers.

Contact us today and take the first step to create the smart hospital!


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