This page explains everything you need to know about Touch Panel PCs. What are Touch Panel PCs? What is the difference between it and a tablet? And where and for what purpose are they normally used?

What are Touch Panel PCs?

Touch Panel PCs are all-in-one devices. By all-in-one, we mean a device that contains both a touchdisplay and a computer with an operating system (OS). Therefore, Touch Panel PCs are integrated solutions. These devices are usually equipped with a fanless cooling system. This is silent and reduces the formation of dust. Apart from that, it reduces maintenance costs.

More information on touchscreens

Panel PC touchscreens are available with a resistive or capacitive touchscreen. Our Panel PCs are designed with projected capacitive touch, or PCAP. This technology comes from the capacitive touch technology where the resolution, accuracy, sensitivity and speed of touch have been enhanced. You can learn more on touchscreens and all the different types at Wikipedia.

Where are they used?

Touch Panel PCs are very suitable for many solutions in all kinds of markets. We have seen them used in Office Automation, Retail and Healthcare. But they are also used in Industrial Automation, Security and many more. We have several case studies available for you to be inspired by how Panel PCs are used for the benefit of the greater public. Room Booking and Digital Signage applications typically use them because of the aforementioned benefits.

The difference between Panel PCs and tablets

The purpose of a Panel PC compared to a tablet is to fulfil a need for a durable, impenetrable, fast, and powerful computer system. Panel PCs are developed to last for many years of 24/7 usage in a commercial setting. Panel PCs are therefore built from strong and resistant materials, in contrast to a consumer tablet. Besides, the hardware capacity of an all-in-one device can be compared to a high-end desktop solution. A tablet cannot usually produce these long-lasting results.

Our Panel PCs

We have a wide variety of Panel PCs available. Our product range consists of several Android Panel PCs and Intel Panel PCs. You can find our range of devices below.