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Because the office is now regarded as a meeting place, it is important to support that with flexdesks. Equally important is digital signage to organise the use of the desks: Desk Booking. But what is Desk Booking and how does it work? And above all, what are the advantages? Read all about desk booking on this page.

What are the advantages of Desk Booking?

Desk booking means reserving workstations for and by employees. The three most frequently mentioned advantages are:

  • Signal whether or not a desk is available with a LED bar on a panel pc
  • Prevent frustrations of not being able to find a free desk
  • Integrations with other systems, such as wayfinding systems, are easy to achieve
  • You can book a desk from location or from outside the office
  • The manager has real-time insight into the occupancy rate.
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  • Always the assurance of fully operational hardware
  • Always personal advice for your unique business situation
  • Always local support from our experts

How does Desk Booking work?

Some Desk Booking solutions are complex, whilst others have a lower threshold. The basic principle is that workstations can be reserved by colleagues. The manager creates workstations in an online system. Available time slots may also be shown, and the workstations are divided into type of workstation and perhaps which floor they are on. For example, a concentration workstation, flex place or consultation place. Colleagues are then given access to a page where suitable workstations can be found and booked.

Reliable hardware for desk booking

To provide flex places with a desk booking solution, we have developed various reliable touch screens and displays. This hardware has undergone years of development to ensure that you can always rely on it. That means for example:

  • Only components from the most reliable brands
  • All the required certifications for extra security
  • Always a 24-month guarantee
  • Years of development and use of stable operating systems

Our hardware also contains smart functionalities which are ideal for desk booking. For example, a LED bar and connectivity options like PoE.

Interested in what hardware is most suited to your desk booking solution? Contact one of our digital signage experts now. We can help you find the right certified partner as well for you software solution that runs on our hardware.


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