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The restaurant market has witnessed important changes over the last couple of years. The threat of employee shortages has become a threat for any restaurant, from small restaurants to even the largest world-famous restaurant chains. Restaurants now need to adapt and be dynamic in order to cope with the challenges they face. The implementation of self-order kiosks is a key factor in overcoming many of the issues the industry faces today.

Learn about our hardware and how it is used in self-order kiosks to benefit restaurants.

Why use self-order kiosks?

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How ProDVX hardware optimises the ordering process

Very few restaurants can afford the luxury of operating without facing the employee shortages that are disrupting the market. Through the use of self-order kiosks, restaurants can improve operations, alleviate employees and improve turnover. ProDVX hardware is perfectly suitable for self-order kiosks, with innovative features that the kiosk solution brings to benefit both the customer and the restaurant.

Screen brightness

It all starts at the entrance to the restaurant, where the high brightness (up to 500 cd/m2) of our displays will ensure that the attention of customers will immediately be drawn to the self-order kiosk.

Accurate touch functionality

Once the customer starts ordering through the kiosk, they will find themselves easily browsing through the menu as our displays are equipped with 10-point PCAP touch functionality, which provides a user-friendly experience. No need to worry about the hassle of inaccurate touchscreens ever again.

Pogo pin connectivity

To provide an even more comfortable experience while using the self-order kiosk, our hardware can be outfitted with pogo pin accessories. These accessories can be used for a wide range of applications. The most popular of these include using the barcode scanner to scan barcodes, the camera to scan QR-codes, and the NFC module for cashless payments.

In addition to the pogo pin accessories, our devices are also equipped with many different I/O ports such as USB, HDMI, SPDIF, RJ45 and GPIO for enhanced connectivity. Attach any peripheral device you like to our Panel PCs to make the self-order kiosk more versatile.

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Different sizes available

Our devices come in different sizes, allowing you to choose the right sized piece of hardware for the kiosk you wish to use. The most common sizes for kiosk applications include 10, 15, 22 and 32 inch displays. ProDVX hardware is available with both the Android and Windows operating systems for all the mentioned sizes. An important feature of our 10-inch devices is the 2-sided or surround LED bar, which can be configured to show any desired colour. For self-order kiosks, this feature is often used to signal whether a transaction has been successful. The LEDs can turn red if the transaction has not been completed, and green if the payment has been processed correctly. This way of signalling is very clear for customers, eliminating any doubts they may have about their payments.

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