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December 21, 2022

Connect.more with GoBright. Learn more about our software partner GoBright and our joint solutions: Room Booking, Desk Booking, Digital Signage and Visitor Management. Read their guest blog below or discover them in the special ISE showreel at the ProDVX ISE booth, 3E100.

Meet GoBright

Official certified software partner of ProDVX

GoBright is specialised in Smart Software solutions that support Hybrid Working and other modern ways of working. Their software not only makes it possible to find and book workplaces, but also brings transparency and profound insights, and data analytics. With which future workplace strategies can be determined. Employees are responsible for their own working day. Do they come to the office or not, do they want to work with a colleague, what type of workplace do they need, do they also need a locker etc. With the GoBright Smart Software solutions employees turn the flexible office into their personal workplace.

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The #1 user-friendly software platform for Room Booking,Desk Booking, Digital Signage and Visitor Management

GoBright stands for the Future of the Office. GoBright believes that working can be done from anywhere, at any time. GoBright supports this by integrating with tools that are most used in the workfield. The Microsoft Teams Integration is a perfect example of this. Once you have your laptop or a mobile phone, you can work.

Access the GoBright Platform from your Teams environment and you have all you need to arrange your work. GoBright values the safety of our customers, both employer and employees. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, work GDPR-proof, and all our data is protected on Azure Cloud datacenters. Your data is safe with GoBright.

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The goals of GoBright

Help employees work smarter, faster, and more efficient
So they are more relaxed and have more pleasure at the office. If they spend less time on unnecessary and time-consuming things, then there is more time and energy left for valuable work. In addition, life at the office becomes more pleasant when uncertainties (such as desk /
room availability) are removed, and information is visible and accessible to everyone.

Use the building and the workplaces in a smarter way
Innovative techniques will help you discover opportunities to maximise space efficiency. If smart software is applied properly, you can avoid double bookings, no-shows, and empty meeting rooms, for example. Check whether the rooms are used in the way they are intended for. What are the hot spots in your office? Calculate the number of desks you need and save space and money.

Create a more sustainable work environment
Sustainable for people, the environment, and the organisation. Using our Workplace Management solutions stimulates engagement, productivity, and overall employee wellbeing. But it also ensures that the office can be used in a sustainable way. Be resourceful with the spaces and facilities that are available and save time, space and money on elements that are not being used.

GoBright solutions

A short description of the solutions that GoBright offers

The GoBright platform offers smart software solutions for room booking, desk booking, parking space booking, visitor registration and digital signage with stretched displays that fit together perfectly and are easy to use. Find an available room, workstation, parking space, or locker via the online portal, mobile app, mapping, or outlook. Book it in seconds and be assured of a workplace that fits your needs; and find your way through the building with Wayfinding and Mapping. Invite and pre-register your visitors instantly, while booking a meeting room. And to make it extra interesting, you can book your Catering & extra Services at the same time. Use digital signage to communicate with your employees or share company information with your visitors. Every action is automatically visible on all parts of the smart platform.

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Integrate various systems in the GoBright platform

As a result, all information is up to date and accurate. The smart (IoT) sensors, which work on movement and body temperature, make our software even more intelligent. The sensors measure the occupancy of meeting rooms and desks in real time. The GoBright platform can integrate with various systems. For example, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Outlook and various FMIS systems.
As a result, the wishes and possibilities of people, processes, systems, and technology connect even better. This makes it interesting for the Facility Manager and IT Manager to work with our Smart Office solutions. Thanks to our platform you get great insights into the use of office spaces, occupancy rates and the flow of people in the building.

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Why GoBright chooses ProDVX

ProDVX Meeting Room Technology

GoBright works with ProDVX because both strive to provide seamless user-experience regarding software and hardware. ProDVX develops and produces state of the art hardware that is innovative and durable. Their in-house development creates a reliable performance, which is exactly what is needed for the software solutions. Together we work on creating effective workplace management for you.

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Benefits of choosing GoBright & ProDVX

The joint solution in five bulletpoints:

✓ In house software development at GoBright.

✓ Full integration with Microsoft Teams

✓ One platform, one solution. Smart, Safe, and Simple.

✓ Reliable hardware performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ Smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Details of the joint solution

GoBright Room Booking

• Search available meeting rooms and book within seconds via App, Portal,Outlook or Mapping;

• Make an ad hoc booking on the Room Panel;

• Book catering and other extra services at the same time;

• Control A / V and other functions in your room with Room Control;

• Report malfunctions via Room Control;

• Find your room with Wayfinding;

• Collect data via sensoring and use data analysis from the portal.

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GoBright Desk Booking

Take flexible working to the next level with desk booking software.

• Find an available workplace and book within seconds;

• Check in / out at your workplace;

• Find your own desk / colleague via the App / Mapping;

• Hygiene Desk feature;

• Reserve a locker nearby your desk;

• Automatic height adjustability (pre-set), via Connect;

• Collect data via sensoring and use analysis from the portal.

GoBright Visitor Registration

A professional and warm welcome for all your visitors.

• Invite and pre-register your visitor, via portal or Outlook Plugin;

• Digital self-registration visitors possible;

• Text message to host when visitor arrives;

• GDPR proof and multilingual;

• Visitor data available to increase internal security or to act in case of emergencies;

• Optional: badge printing.

GoBright Digital Signage

Show information to a specific target group, in the right place, at the right time.

• Communicate effectively with your colleagues and visitors by showing information on ProDVX Panel PCs or Stretch displays;

• User-friendly, intuitive, and designed according to the latest insights;

• Work from the same web portal as for GoBright Room & Desk Booking and VisitorRegistration;

• Easily integrates with the most diverse external resources;

• Functional data from Meet, Work, Visit can be shown on the screens.

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Certified hardware

Solve your problems with GoBright and ProDVX

GoBright lifts office life to the next level.

GoBright believes that in the times we live in, where flexible working is becoming the norm, digital solutions on ProDVX digital signage displays are the guide to create an efficient and safe workplace. Both the employee and employer experience difficulties. Employees want to be safe and assured of their workspace and want to control their workweek. Employers want to have a certain degree of control in their flexible office… Where are my employees? Is my office well equipped for what they need? Can I save money somewhere? With GoBright’s
Smart Software Solutions all these questions can be answered. Create insight and give control with desk booking, room booking, visitor registration and digital signage.

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