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This page explains everything you need to know about Stretch Displays. What is a Stretch Display? Where and for what purpose are they normally used?

What is a Stretch Display?

A Stretch Display, or UltraWide Signage Display, refers to widescreen resolutions. They usually have an aspect ratio wider than 2:1. The use of Stretch Displays offers unique ways to communicate messages to the public. Stretch Displays are commonly used as a part of a digital signage setup. The display provides information for the target audience. The most remarkable feature is their aspect ratio. This results in a display with two small sides compared to two significantly longer sides. You can see some pictures below in the overview.

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Reaching a target audience in a unique way

Stretch Displays make it possible to communicate information to target audiences. They are used for multiple purposes in the Retail sector, such as Advertising, Product Promotion and Queuing. In the Corporate environment, they are mainly used for Room Signage and Wayfinding. In the Retail industry, they are used to display product photos or pricing. In the Food industry, they are mostly used for ingredients, menus, specific nutritional facts and recipes. In particular, digital menu boards are becoming more and more common. The aspect ratio Stretch Displays is ideal for displaying weekly menus. They can be used for pricing information.

Eye-catching Digital Signage with Stretch Displays

Due to their aspect ratio, these displays are a very stylish solution. They blend in with the décor of the customer environment. For instance, they may be positioned in landscape above a product shelf, or in portrait mode between two product stands. Truly eye-catching signage! Implementing one Stretch Display eliminates the need to use multiple smaller displays, while still reaching the goal of informing customers.

ProDVX Stretch Displays

You will certainly get your message across with our newest UltraWide Signage Displays. These Stretch Displays come with a built-in Android PC. They are available in three sizes: 24, 28 and 37 inch. UltraWide Signage Displays are used by companies all over the world. The Stretch Displays are distributed by a worldwide distribution network. Be sure to check out which partner near you can deliver these displays.


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