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October 27, 2021

The battle for attention

Digital communication made us who we are today. And it will determine who we are tomorrow. Just like 100 years ago, we’re at the start of what some experts think will be the new ‘Roaring Twenties’ (source). After a period of shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s now time for us to take back what we’ve missed for so long: going-out, shopping and meeting each other. And there's an imporant role for digital signage here.

Consumer spending is on the rise

Consumer spending is already on the rise and socially too, we are desperate to catch up on what we’ve missed (source). For businesses, this means there are lots of opportunities to seize and threats to prevent. Retailers are facing a trend whereby shopping is becoming more about the experience itself, while other industries like hospitality and healthcare are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right personnel to respond to rising demand for their services.

This is where digital signage comes into play: it organises our new world and shows us the way. More importantly, digital signage is always on, because our world is also on 24/7.

Being 'always on' requires the right, reliable, hardware that catches your attention. Our mission is therefore to make reliable digital signage hardware accessible to everyone. But what does the ‘right, reliable’ digital signage hardware mean? And how does our hardware draw attention of your target group? We’ll answer that question in this blog. Then you’ll understand how our hardware helps you make an impact on your target group.


Digital signage as a psychological process

Nowadays, digital signage and communication is all about breaking through the clutter and making sure that your message is seen by your target group. It doesn’t matter whether that message concerns this season’s hot dress, a booked meeting room or ordering a coffee. Every message that’s sent to your target group follows the same process. It’s a process of getting noticed.

The process of getting noticed is a 100% psychological process. It implies catching a person’s voluntary or involuntary attention. Digital signage can directly affect the latter.

Catching involuntary attention means using external stimuli to get noticed. It implies your message must be:

  • Unique
  • New
  • Unexpected

Some examples

When someone suddenly plays loud music in the room, people will notice. It’s unexpected. Or when a giant gorilla eating a hamburger is shown on an even bigger billboard on top of a small hamburger restaurant called ‘Burger Kong’, it’s unique.

Giant gorillas don’t normally eat big hamburgers in small restaurants with a name like that. Nor are we naturally interested in gorillas eating hamburgers, so our attention is not voluntarily drawn towards it. And when next day, it’s Godzilla eating that same big hamburger, the message is instantly new.

That’s what the ‘right, reliable’ digital signage hardware is supposed to do. Which is why every piece of ProDVX digital signage hardware is specifically developed to do just that: ensure that your message is unexpected, unique and/or new. Because those three reasons will catch someone's attention.

The next section will link our hardware features to these three concepts and explain how our hardware will create impact.


Reason one: an unexpected message

Connect extra modules or go for extra LED

A message, or stimulus as it is called in psychology, can be defined as unexpected when there’s a sudden change in the external environment. Like the sudden loud music in our example earlier.

You can easily achieve the same effect by adding extra modules to a ProDVX panel pc. Doing so instantly opens a world of possibilities to create a truly unexpected and unique message, based on your target group’s interaction with the digital signage hardware. Examples:

  • Digital signage content that changes because the camera module is programmed to recognise the dress that a person is trying on, and then shows matching jeans.
  • A digital signage display that signals when a barcode has been successfully scanned or when an employee has successfully checked out using the NFC reader module.
  • A stretch display that has an unique form to draw attention.

Reason two: an unique message

Supported by high brightness IPS panels and lots of I/O ports

A message can be defined as unique when the stimulus appeals to associations in your brain that had not been activated before and/or mixes up existing associations. It means that your message is different from the rest, different from what you’ve seen before. It evokes a ‘huh?!?’, often because it involves humour. It corresponds to our earlier example of a Gorilla eating a hamburger at the Burger Kong restaurant.

This implies the following: create creative content for the digital signage display. That’s why we perfected the IPS panels in our digital signage hardware. The brightness in our panel PCs is up to 500 cd/m2, enough to ensure that your product info about a pregnancy test is seen on the self service kiosk in a pharmacy with a lot of daylight. Or that the coffee menu is clear in your favourite coffee bar.

Take it one step further by turning your digital coffee menu into an interactive self-order kiosk and connect your company’s printer to a panel PC using the connectivity options of the I/O ports (multiple (Micro-)USB, HDMI-out, GPIO, RJ45). The menu order is automatically printed and your employees can process the order in the usual way.


Reason three: a new message

Easily update content on your digital signage hardware

A message can be defined as new when the stimulus is different from what you’ve seen before. Obviously, this is what digital signage is all about: updating the content of your devices from one central location with just one simple click. Enabled by the fact that those devices are always connected:

  • ProDVX hardware is always on. Our hardware is designed using only the most reliable components from the world’s most trusted brands. It’s fully certified and delivers stable performance following years of hardware development.
  • ProDVX hardware is always connected with Power over Ethernet+ (optional). It also gives you extra flexibility: easily install your device anywhere you like, using just one cable. For example, next to the door in each meeting room, even when there’s no electricity.

Prevent a wear-out effect of your message by updating it regularly and showing new content.

Always On

Create impact with digital signage hardware

ProDVX hardware has been specially designed to make sure you reach your target group with an unexpected, unique and/or new stimulus. We guarantee that with:

  • An extensive range of 7-inch to 32-inch displays
  • High brightness IPS panels (up to 500 cd/m2)
  • Full RGB LED status bars (2-sided and surround)
  • I/O ports ((Micro-)USB, HDMI-out, GPIO, RJ45, (multiple) COM-ports)
  • Connectivity: Power over Ethernet+, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Reliable components designed for 24/7 commercial use

This is what creating true impact means in the age of brand experience in retail, self-service in healthcare and hospitality and meeting each other in the corporate world. The roaring twenties are about to start – don’t miss out on the benefits for your company.

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