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October 13, 2020
Customer experience Retail APPC 10 SLB breed

Customer experience on the spot

Every store wants to gain more insight into their customer shopping experience. A perfect way to obtain this information is installing a customer feedback kiosk.

Visitors can give feedback about various topics on the touch display kiosk when leaving the store.The results can be used to optimize the in-store customer experience.

The 10-inch SLB has some unique features that add to the overall experience. For example, the Surround LED Bar that can light up in the colour of the response, which has full RGB and the Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection.

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IPPC 10 SLB uiting social breed

SLB with Intel inside

The IPPC-10SLB is an Intel SOC Touch Display with Surround LED Bar. The device can be connected through RJ45 LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and contains an option to schedule reboot or shut down. The LED Status Bar makes it suitable for various applications, such as access control, price checking, room signage or a customer feedback system.

This 10-inch Panel PC with Intel processor for Windows has a projected capacitive touch display with PoE and is fanless due to passive cooling.

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Retail sell more in your store APPC 10 SLB breed v2

Interactive shop assistant

Digital signage screens can offer more product information for customers. Interactive displays such as the ProDVX SLB series give shoppers the information they’re looking for, freeing up floor staff to use their time more productively. One can offer price checking or even a product comparison, and by offering a complete overview, making it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision.

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APPC 10 SLB front And Back breed

Best in class

This 10-inch Panel PC comes with features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), Android 8 and a projected capacitive touch display. In addition, the APPC-10SLB won two Stevie® Awards and also received a COMPUTEX Design & Innovation Award for its outstanding and unique design, innovative Surround LED Bar and diversity of functionalities.

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Indigo 10 SLB social broad

Innovation for more efficiency in healthcare

The Essec Group is a system integrator of nurse call systems, notification systems and telecom. Their subsidiary, IndigoCare, has developed a flexible IP-based nurse call system: iCall. To keep the staff informed, they decided to use our 10.1" Intel Panel PC. In this way they are always equipped with adequate information about the patients and are able to make thorough decisions.

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LED it shine!

As of this moment the APPC-10SLB(W) is also available with integrated NFC Reader, the APPC-10SLB(W)N.

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