Score all summer

Collect your own supporter set this summer. ProDVX supports you this summer during all exciting and nerve-wracking sports moments.

For every invoice worth €3.750,- or more spent on ProDVX products, you will receive a free sports towel to keep your head up and stay fresh during that decisive penalty shootout of your favourite team.

This summer everyone wins

We also give away additional prizes to every true goal-getter. Every €3.750,- spent on ProDVX products is eligible for one point. Collect points and redeem them by choosing from any of the 8 different prizes. With these supporter prizes, you will enjoy this summer’s sports tournaments to the fullest.

Get ready to support in style. Euro 2024, the Olympics, Tour de France or Wimbledon – with ProDVX you score all summer!

Qualify for a prize

With every €3.750,- spent on ProDVX

You score this summer with your invoice of ProDVX products. Every €3.750,- spent on ProDVX products earns you one point during the action period of the campaign, from June 14th (start Euro 2024) and August 11th (end of the Olympics 2024).

On this official campaign page you can upload your invoice, with an invoice date between the action period, along with your details, and then select your favourite supporter prize alongside your free sports towel. Please see the official rules of the game at the bottom of this page for more details about qualifying for a prize and collecting points.

Click here or see the overview below for the supporter prizes and the required number of points to win them.

Collect your own supporter set

And support your favourite country or player

Between Euro 2024 and the Olympics you can collect 8 different prizes that are carefully selected to supports you this summer during all sports moments.

  • 1 Point: Luxurious drinks board with 5 Laguiole cheese knives - Enjoy your favorite game with some drinks & cheese!
  • 2 Points: Leather barbeque short - Prepare your pre- or post-game meal in style!
  • 3 Points: Makita hand tool set 76 pcs - Finish your project in-time so you won't have to miss your favorite game!
  • 5 Points: Minibar 46L - Stay hydrated during the game so fill it with your favorite drinks!
  • 7 Points: Weber Original Kettle Barbecue with cover - Prepare your pre- or post-game meal to prevent those hunger pangs!
  • 10 Points: Gardena Robot lawn mower Sileno - No more excuses to miss a game because you had to mow your lawn!
  • 12 Points: Sony Bravia 50-inch TV - Just never miss a game this summer!
  • 12 Points: Big Green Egg Mini Barbecue with carrier - Prepare a meal for true winners!

Every invoice that’s uploaded and eligible for at least one point will receive one free sports towel to help you stay fresh and keep your head up during all nerve-wracking sports moments this summer.


Upload your invoice(s) and score

Are you in a scoring position? Enter your details and win!

If you want to combine the value on different invoices, upload all individual invoices here.
If you want to receive your free sports towel, let us know who you will support this summer!

Rules of the game

  • Save points with your invoice(s). These point(s) can exclusively be redeemed for prizes on this page by uploading the invoice(s) on ProDVX products and selecting the prize(s) for which you are eligible for.
  • This promotion is open only to customers of ProDVX distributors (resellers, system integrators, software partners, and key accounts). Distributors and end-customers are excluded. Are you a distributor?
  • Every €3.750,- on ProDVX products on an invoice is eligible for one point. For example, a customer who submits one invoice of €3.965,- is eligible to 1 point, and so is a customer who submits one invoice of €7.450,-. A customer who submits one invoice of €7.500,- is eligible to 2 points, etc.
  • You are allowed to combine invoices and upload multiple invoices at once. This way, you can also redeem more points for bigger prizes. For example: a customer who submits two (or more) invoices with a total of €7.500,- (€6.500,- plus €1.000,-), is eligible to 2 points. Or a customer who submits three invoices of 1.250,- is eligible to 1 point.
  • Every invoice that’s submitted and eligible for at least one point receives one free sports towel. A customer can only earn one towel per invoice. For example, an invoice with a total of €7.500,- receives two points and one sports towel.
  • Prizes apply to invoices with an invoice date between June 14th, 2024 (start Euro 2024) and August 11th, 2024 (end of the Olympics).
  • Invoices with bid prices are excluded.
  • Prizes will be sent to the customer within 4 weeks after submitting the invoice.
  • All prizes are subject to stock availability of suppliers.
  • For the current and most recent number of points per price, always check this official campaign page.
  • Points apply to all ProDVX product categories: Android Panel PCs, Intel Panel PCs, UltraWide Signage Displays, Signage Displays, Touch Monitors, Box PCs, Accessories and ProMGR subscriptions.
  • Participating customers must be located in the EU, the UK, the Nordics, or Switzerland.
  • There's no limit in number and type of prizes a customer can win, as long as the prizes and the number of points correspond with the value of ProDVX products on the invoice. For example, a customer is allowed to submit an invoice of €15.000,- and select two leather barbecue shorts (each 2 points). A customer is also allowed to submit an invoice of €7.500 at moment A and select a leather barbecue short, and submit a second invoice of €7.500 at moment B to again select a leather barbecue short.
Please note that this promotion cannot be combined with discounts and other promotions.
Big Green Eggs are limited and are available while supplies last.
ProDVX reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion at any time without prior notice.