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December 1, 2022

Connect.more with YAROOMS. Learn more about our software partner YAROOMS and our joint solutions: Room Booking, Digital Signage and Visitor Management. Read their guest blog below or discover them in the special ISE showreel at the ProDVX ISE booth, 3E100.


Official certified software partner of ProDVX

YAROOMS is an innovative workplace experience software solution helping companies to keep track of their carbon emissions while easily managing people and spaces in a hybrid work environment.

Workplace sustainability starts with real data. This is why, for companies looking to become carbon neutral, YAROOMS provides a cost-efficient way to accurately track and forecast everything about their CO2 emissions - all in a 100% digital, integrated, flexible workplace management system.

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A short description of the solutions that YAROOMS offers

The YAROOMS workplace experience suite consists of solutions for desk and meeting room booking, carbon emissions tracking, hybrid work planning, room panel and visitor management. Today, our solutions are used by 1,000 B2B clients across 65+ countries. They report significant savings on real estate costs and employee time while experiencing a boost in CO2 tracking efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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Why YAROOMS chooses ProDVX

Digital communication together with ProDVX

We were looking for reliable partners in Europe, trusted by both our team and our customers. Today, we work with ProDVX to help organizations embark on the exciting road to sustainable workplace transformation.

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Benefits of choosing YAROOMS & ProDVX

The joint solution in five bulletpoints:

✓ Your hybrid work software now has a carbon dashboard.

✓ Reliable hardware performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ Smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Details of the joint solution

Room panel

An intuitive digital signage application to enhance workplace experience and improve meeting room usage. You can reserve an empty room with a few simple taps. Color-coded availability status helps prevent double bookings. If you need more time or you have finished the meeting earlier, extend or end your reservation at the door. Unused rooms can be released right away.

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Carbon Dashboard & Commute Profile

The Carbon Dashboard allows companies to monitor and report on the location’s CO2 Scope 2 emissions generated by the use of office facilities, as well as the company’s Scope 3 emissions that occur because of the employee commute. You can estimate the future use of your office resources (such as water, electricity, or gas), understand its carbon footprint, and track the progress in reducing it. Using the Commute profile, everyone in the company can specify their regular commute details (distance traveled; means of transport) and change them if they chose a different commute method. The aggregated commute emissions data appears on the Carbon Dashboard so you can track them and incentivize employees to reduce their footprint.

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Desk & Room booking

A powerful space booking solution for flexible workplaces, featuring an interactive floor map. Rooms, desks, and even parking lots - all spaces can be made bookable. The solution allows various booking strategies (hot desking, desk hoteling, assigned seating), and includes multiple workplace safety elements: capacity enforcement, physical distancing rules, check-in, screening questionnaire, etc. Meanwhile, in the workplace analytics section you can find insights about how the shared spaces are used and optimize the workplace accordingly. The YAROOMS space booking engine is also available through the YAROOMS Mobile application as well as a Microsoft Teams channel tab or personal ribbon tab.

Room Signage 3x

Digital Reception

A visitor management system that allows you to manage visitor traffic, enable workplace compliance, and book spaces straight from the front desk. Employees can use it to perform their daily check-in. A short compliance questionnaire makes sure you have the information necessary to stay in line with health, privacy, or security regulations. The application's UI is easily configurable so you can welcome visitors with a touch of your brand.

Hybrid Work Planning Calendar

A calendar-like scheduling tool for everyone in your organization to set up their work arrangements (at home, in the office, out of office) and stay up-to-date with others’ planning. You can define planning targets or work from home thresholds, align scheduling with occupancy parameters, and ensure planning visibility.


Certified hardware

Solve your problems with YAROOMS and ProDVX

Hybrid workplace management system

In the past few years, the workplace experience has been shifting more than ever - companies around the world had to switch from working in the office to fully remote work and, in the end, find themselves implementing the hybrid work model. While companies have been quick to adopt various workplace experience solutions to manage these transformations, by the time they did so, new challenges appeared. Today, the rising importance of sustainability is adding pressure on all forward-thinking companies. Does it mean that we need new tools to address it? But what if we didn’t have to invent a new solution every time? And what if the tools we already use were agile enough to accommodate what the future demands?



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