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December 23, 2022

Meet Telelogos

Official certified software partner of ProDVX

Telelogos is a software publisher in the fields of Digital Signage and Mobility. Telelogos solutions allow companies and organizations to better communicate and interact with their customers and/or employees as part of their digital transformation. Corporations can manage and display content through screens placed at any location, manage the availability and reservation of their meeting rooms and desks through digital devices, and remotely control their fleets of connected terminals, whether mobile (smartphones, tablets) or fixed (terminals, POS). Telelogos is headquartered in EMEA with business offices in the US and in Mexico, and over 2,000 customers and 500,000 licenses deployed in more than 50 countries.

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A short description of the solutions that Telelogos offers

Thanks to Telelogos software solutions, manage your bookings and your
digital signage projects, and combine both to guide your visitors and
employees directly to their workspaces. Improve your internal
communication and control your fleets of connected terminals.

The solution Telelogos offers are:

• Media4Display on stretch displays
• Meeting4Display on stretch displays
• Channels
• Clyd

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Why Telelogos chooses ProDVX

ProDVX Meeting Room Technology

Ideal for our Meeting4Display solution, the ProDVX APPC-10SLB is an embedded Android touch screen (SOC) with surround LED status bar, allowing you to know in real time and from a distance the status of the meeting room. It can be powered via PoE and allows individual control of the LEDs surrounding the screen. The room booking has never been so simple thanks to the Meeting4Display and ProDVX device bundle. ProDVX also offers reliable stretch displays.

You’re also able to combine Meeting4Display with our digital signage software Media4Display to guide your visitors and employees directly to their workspaces. ProDVX range of screens and especially the stretched displays, also called Ultra Wide displays, are the perfect match for this kind of use.

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Benefits of choosing Telelogos & ProDVX

The joint solution in five bulletpoints:

✓ Simplicity to install and really easy to use.

✓ ProDVX Certified hardware for room booking or kiosk solutions and hand in hand partnership: it offers a totally integrated app for a unique usage of the display, ensuring a 100% efficient/smooth app use with remote and silent update.

✓ Digital signage coupling offer.

✓ Reliable hardware and stretch display performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ Smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Details of the Stretch display

Media4Display on Stretch Display solutions

The Media4Display digital signage solution allows you to communicate
in real-time with your employees, customers or clients, for example on stretch displays, in all kinds of
places: businesses, points of sale, restaurants, production, workshops,
hospitals, …

With Media4Display, easily Create, Manage and Display your content!

Meeting4Display on Stretch display solutions

Meeting4Display is a workspace booking and management solution: meeting rooms, flex office desks, huddler rooms, open spaces, …

With Meeting4Display, easily Search and Book you workspaces and Guide your collaborators / visitors.

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The Channels solution allows you to communicate information to employees, directly on their computer, without changing their work habits whether they are in the office, on the road, or working from home. With Channels, easily Notify your collaborators, Alert and / or Inform them depending the emergency of your communication.


Clyd is an MDM / EMM solution enabling easy enterprise mobility management. It makes it possible to administrate, manage and secure Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. It provides the functionality need to manage applications, secure devices and take remote control. With Clyd, easily Monitore, Manage and Secure your devices.


Certified hardware and 28 inch stretch display

Solve your problems with Telelogos and ProDVX

The problems Telelogos & ProDVX solve in the workspace.

Telelogos solutions are designed to make your employees’ lives and managing workspace easier. Workspaces solutions aim to provide employees with a simple, collaborative and productive work environment. With flexible working becoming increasingly common (but not only), they aim to improve the employee experience. Nowadays, technological devices allow you to manage workspaces simply and effortlessly, via a smartphone, PC, stretch display or even directly at the entrance of the resource you want to reserve. They make finding and booking workspaces from any device easy and help you find your way around the premises with digital signage on a stretch display. These workspaces solutions also provide managers with valuable statistics on the occupancy rate of rooms (or offices), so that they know which locations are the most and least popular with the final idea to adapt the available spaces to the real needs.

Moreover, Telelogos solutions help you to keep in touch with your employees! This can be done by displaying content on shared screens (the ones you use to guide people around your workspaces, but not only) or directly on their workstations. Visual communication through a notification or alert system, directly on the users’ workstations, will ensure that your employees never miss essential company information. Make the most of this type of communication to remind employees the company’s mission, vision and values, which are key to a strong sense of belonging and company culture, you can also distribute “business” information in spaces shared by a specific department (real-time KPIs for sales targets, dashboarding customer service SLA levels, etc.).

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