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December 20, 2022

Connect.more with Matrix Booking. In the guest blog below you will learn more about our software partner Matrix Booking and our joint solutions. Are you joining us at ISE 2023? Then you'll be able to discover them in the special ISE showreel at the ProDVX ISE booth, 3E100.

Meet Matrix Booking

Official certified software partner of ProDVX

Matrix Booking Ltd is a specialist workplace management solutions organisation. With a specific area of expertise, focus, and passion, we support organisations to manage and unlock the potential of their bookable resources.

We are committed to:

• Working with our clients in an open and collaborative manner

• Developing solutions that solve genuine problems

• Delivering solutions to our clients in a seamless and cost-effective manner

• Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based technology

• Usability and accessibility


The Matrix Booking solution

The Matrix Booking solution was developed back in 2013 by Keytree Ltd, a World-leading SAP consultancy with an in-house product portfolio of specialist software. Since then, Matrix Booking Ltd has been continually growing in terms of a product, team, and user base. We are proud to currently work with over 150 organisations worldwide, from UK Central Government and NHS to Corporate Enterprise and SME organisations.

In 2020, Matrix Booking was separated from Keytree Ltd to create Matrix Booking Ltd. As a privately owned (employee-owned) organisation with a specialist team and product set, we are focussed solely on workplace and resource management. We are a small but fast-growing organisation dedicated to customer satisfaction and delivering a world-class product and service.

Matrix Welcome

Matrix Booking solution

A short description of the solutions that Matrix Booking offers

Matrix Booking provides leading resource booking and workplace collaboration software enabling organisations to optimise desk, room, and estate usage.

At Matrix Booking, we provide an innovative suite of products and services to compliment new flexible ways of working. The Matrix Booking suite can be configured to manage many resources such as desks, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, virtual spaces, car parking, or catering.


Why Matrix Booking chooses ProDVX

Digital communication together with ProDVX

Matrix Booking is proud to be a Platinum Partner of ProDVX. We chose ProDVX as a supplier for our hardware solutions due to the quality of their products. Our customers range from health and medical care organisations through to legal firms, and they require commercial-grade, robust hardware across a wide number of end-user requirements.

The service and responsiveness we get from ProDXV is second to none. We also chose to work with ProDXV due to their extensive supplier and support network. Their strong, innovative product roadmap also ensures that we keep up with market demands and offer additional products and services to our customers.

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Benefits of choosing Matrix Booking & ProDVX

The joint solution in five bulletpoints:

The smarter way to manage resources: As a SaaS company, Matrix Booking creates products and provides services that are innately greener. Our primary software is hosted in a centre that is powered entirely by renewable energy sources. The Matrix Booking suite provides customers with the tools and information to optimise building usage. In turn, this decreases the energy requirements of your organisation’s buildings and greenhouse gas emissions.

✓ Accessibility and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do: Our products and services are designed to be accessible for all. The Matrix Booking suite can direct disabled individuals to resources that have the accessibility features that they require to complete their work effectively. In turn, this influences office managers to think more about reducing the accessibility issues in their office workspaces and help the wellbeing of their employees.

✓ Our values, our team, and the way we work sets us apart: As an employee-owned company on the path to becoming a certified B Corporation, we are committed to combatting climate change, tackling social and economic inequality and enhancing the wellbeing for our employees and our customers’ employees. We have an annual intake of apprentices and students into our technical development and administration teams, with direct connections to Cardiff and Swansea universities. We have also introduced the corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign where we as a company give back to local communities and society. The first major event was to upcycle furniture in Bristol for a shelter (Emmaus) and our most recent event involved managing a local woodland. We plan to have more of these events in the future.

✓ Reliable hardware performance with an extremely low RMA rate.

✓ Smart hardware features that improve essential features of the digital solution.


Details of the joint solution

Workplace booking

The Matrix Booking solution provides users with a quick and easy way to find, book, and manage their workplace desk, pod, or, private booth requirements from anywhere.

Its features include:

• Supports all major browsers (excluding IE11) and mobile platforms

with powerful iOS and android mobile apps

• Interactive floor plan displays and digital desk information screens

• Find colleagues and teams through smart search

• Reminders and in-app notifications

• One touch check-in and booking cancellation functionality

• Ability to book on behalf of colleagues for office collaboration

• Integrated video conference booking for remote team working

• Full support for secure single sign-on (SSO) and Active Directory (AD) sync for typeahead functionality

• Smart building sensor integration for real-time room occupancy analysis, automatic check-in, and flow control

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Meeting room and collaboration space booking

The Matrix Booking solution provides the same excellent user experience as desk booking within the same application, with a vast array of user features, such as:

• Simple search and quick links to favourite resources

• Detailed searching for more complex requirements

• Single organisation or network searches (e.g. hubs)

• Dynamic result filtering and sorting to refine large search result sets

• Powerful administration options providing controls from a global estates level

• Down to individual resources and users

• Integration with leading office suite providers including Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

• Built-in video conferencing with Microsoft Teams integration

Visitor management system

Our visitor management module called Matrix Welcome is fully integrated with Matrix Booking so that it provides a superior visitor experience, using innovative technology and beautifully designed applications.

Matrix Welcome enables rich functionality that helps to secure and streamline the visitor process from invitation to checkout with effortless functionality, including:

• branded visitor meeting invitations

• self-service or assisted check-in

• host notification via email, app notification, and text

• secure checkout

• detailed visitor activity reporting

Certified hardware

Solve your problems with Matrix Booking and ProDVX

Easy to use software by Matrix Booking.

As hybrid working is on the rise, the amount of underutilised space is also increasing. By understanding how offices are being used, organisations can identify ways to improve and advance their space. This data can be used to proactively improve offices and bring employees back into offices by enhancing their experience and providing for their needs.

Alternatively, decisions can be made with regards to reducing real estate and save money being spent on space that is being underutilised.

Drive forward with a people-centric, flexible work culture by empowering teams to choose the resources they require in one central place with resource management software from Matrix Booking.

Want to learn more about Matrix Booking? Visit their website

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