This page explains everything you need to know about Touch Monitor Displays. What are they? And where and for what purpose are they normally used?

What is a Touch Monitor Display?

A Touch Monitor Display is an electronic visual display. It is basically an information processing system. A refined touchscreen that processes input and generates output. The touchscreen is connected to an internal or external computer. The user can control the information processing system by touching the screen with one or more fingers. There is direct interaction with what is displayed on the screen. This is an advantage compared to using a mouse or touch pad, and provides a more intuitive experience.

Where to find them?

Touch Monitor Displays are used in various markets. Examples are the Medical sector or Heavy Industry. In these environments, it is preferable not to use a keyboard or a mouse, due to the lack of intuitive or rapid interaction by the user with the display content. Other solutions are Museum Displays or Room Automation. In addition, these touch screen displays are often used in Retail or Corporate environments. They are also quite common in sectors such as Hospitality, Logistics and Education. The displays are often implemented as part of a solution for interaction, such as Customer Feedback, Security or Access Control. They are also often implemented in Room Signage, i-Kiosk, Wayfinding and other forms of Digital Signage.

ProDVX Touch Monitor Displays

We offer several Touch Monitor Displays ranging from 7 inch to 22 inch. They are used by companies all over the world and supplied by our worldwide distribution network. Be sure to find a partner near you or ask our team for more information.


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