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A room booking display that helps employees connect

A room booking display is installed outside a meeting room to make it bookable. It signals to employees whether or not the room is occupied or not. The display runs room booking software, allowing employees to book the room on the spot or from home. On this page you'll learn more about the display itself.

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Features of a room booking display

ProDVX room booking displays contain a lot of smart hardware features. These features are the result of more than 15 years of experience in hardware development for meeting and conference room booking:

  • Surround LED bar to signal the status of the meeting room.
  • All-in-one panel pc with accurate 10-point PCAP touch capabilities.
  • Power over Ethernet for an easy single cable installation. It gives you power and internet in just one cable.
  • OS available in Android, Windows and Linux.
  • Android devices available as GMS and non-GMS devices.

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What others say about ProDVX room booking displays

"ProDVX offers the perfect hardware with its broad portfolio and its stable Android and Windows system."

Johann Bendel | connectSignage


"The service and responsiveness we get from ProDVX is second to none."

Ian Jones | Matrix Booking

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"The ProDVX range of screens are a perfect match for our software solutions"

Martin Lynch | Telelogos

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"We are proud of our partnership with ProDVX because it enables us to deliver high-end solutions for smart buildings."

Patrick de Bruin | PADS4

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"As a software developer we require a close relation with our hardware partner. ProDVX delivers, closely collaborates with us, advises and innovates."

Edwin Swaak | Innivo

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"I love ProDVX’ personal touch. They are always available for me and quickly answer any question. That’s a big plus for me as a Product Manager."

Bennie Evers | Copaco

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Advantages of a room booking display

A ProDVX room booking display has many advantages for each kind of user:

  • Employees unnecessary spend time searching for a meeting room that's free to use. A room booking display supports them and helps to work more effectively.
  • The facility department can now get insights about meeting room usage inside the building. With this system, it's easy to get an overview of how often meeting rooms are booked and for how long. This way you can effectively utilize every square meter of the office building.
  • The hardware is designed for 24/7 continuous usage, resulting in minimum downtime.

These are just three examples of advantages that room booking displays have to offer. Get in touch with us to discover the advantages for your situation.


Usage as a meeting or conference room booking display

Our room booking displays are used in many different settings:

  • At the office: easily book a meeting or conference room.
  • In a hotel: signing and booking of meeting rooms.
  • At a University campus: facilitate efficient collaboration of study rooms or show which class is used outside the classroom or lecture hall.
  • At a hospital: outside a patient room to display critical and privacy proof information.

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The room booking solution

A room booking display is just one the booking system. Another important element is the software that's running on the display. ProDVX has partners everywhere around the world that specialize in this software.

Important features of the software are for example integration with Outlook, Office and Google Calendar, whether or not the software is user-friendly and the security of the app.

Take a look at the partner section to get to know them or get in touch for personal advice.

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A room booking display is a solution that's often used to organize the office as a meeting place. Besides a conference room booking systems, there are often other solutions in place. Discover more solutions and learn how to organize your office building!

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