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Solstice Calendar View by SimpleAV

The Mersive Solstice makes it easy for local and remote participants to wirelessly share and collaborate around content for more efficient, engaging and productive meetings.

One of the options is the possibility of integration with the calendar and displaying information about the status (occupancy) of the room on the screen IN the conference room. However, how to show this important information in front of the room?

SimpleAV created an application that allows you to present the status of the room on an additional display OUTSIDE entering the conference room, named Solstice Calendar View by SimpleAV.

For this we used high-quality interactive panels PCs with the Android from ProDVX. In addition, the Solstice Calendar View by SimpleAV application allows you to quickly book a room from the ProDVX panel itself.

The Solstice Calendar View by SimpleAV application on the ProDVX touch panel is a low-cost and easy-to-use solution, created according to the "added value" philosophy.

  • a cost-effective solution based on well-known and reliable brands: ProDVX and Mersive
  • easy to implement and install
  • attractive layout, tailored to the client's needs

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