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connectSignage and connectRooms are cloud-based content management solutions. The software is made in Germany with German support and 100% DSGVO-compliant server hosting or alternatively on-premises. The service team in Germany takes care of problems quickly and personally - no waiting loops, no call center, no despair. The intuitive operation of the software ensures satisfied users despite incredible possibilities.
A major advantage is the cross-platform playout of content on all displays. Whether room booking, wayfinding or touch infoboard, all displays are controlled centrally via connectSignage and the relevant content is played out.
Thanks to an extensive action management, external triggers can change the content in real time.
Interfaces to video conferencing or other external data sources can be connected extremely cost-effectively.
With connectSignage, a helpful digital signage software is available that puts the user in the center, makes it easier for him to maintain his signage system and saves him a lot of time and energy thanks to a variety of well thought-out functions.

  • 100% integrator business
  • Customizing of interfaces
  • One platform for every digital signage use case

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