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Appealing and jaw dropping content on your digital signage hardware will make you stand out from the crowd. But how do you select the right digital signage hardware? Simple, just use our checklist.

Digital Signagehardwarechecklist

Determine the goal of digital signage to determine placement

It all starts with defining the goal of your digital signage solution. So you’ll need to think about what you want to communicate. And where. Different types of messages require a different placement in your environment. And different placement requires a different type of display due to:

  • Brightness (when there’s a lot of daylight)
  • Screen size (when the message should catch extra attention)
  • Power supply (more on that later)

Determine the scale of the installation.

Are you considering a single screen? Or more? For one location? Or multiple locations? It’s important to define the scale of the installation of the digital signage hardware. For a single store, the placement of a basic video display with an integrated media player may be sufficient. The media player can be updated in the store with a simple USB stick.

A large organisation with multiple locations and the installation of various screens in each location may benefit from well designed, all-in-one solutions that are controlled remotely. This is an efficient and time-saving way of managing all digital signage hardware.

Determine the type of communication.

Are you just sending a message to your target group? For one-way communication like a video, a normal display is enough. If you’re looking for two-way communication by adding a form of interactivity, an all-in-one solution would be the right choice. Easily add extra accessories like a camera, barcode scanner or NFC reader for your type of two-way communication.

Is the content web-based (for a room booking solution for example) or only offline? This also determines your choice of device.

You can also connect a single box PC to one touch screen. This helps you engage even more with your customers by offering interesting content requiring a lot of computing power. Think of augmented reality solutions like fitting a complete online collection of online clothes whilst standing in front of the digital signage screen and selecting your favourites.

Match the content with the right digital signage product

Content is key. The real question is, what exactly do you want to communicate? Is it a complete book of information? A large menu? Or can you capture the message in just one line of copy? Think about what you’re presenting in the images, video or text. Because the content should fit the size of the screen. A smaller 7” display can be placed on a shelf with product specific information. A display that’s too small for its content is a waste of resources, as is a large display for simple content.

Determine the right operating system

Is the application developed for Android or Windows? Digital signage hardware is available in different types of operating systems.

Correctly mount your hardware

First determine the surface for correct mounting. Commercial hardware designed for 24/7 usage must be mounted properly for enjoyable usage of the screens. Options vary from a shelf bracket, desk mount, glass mount or floor stand to a wall mount or ceiling mount.

Powering your digital signage device

It is also important to consider how you will be powering the devices. Is a regular power supply available? If not, another option is to power the device using an ethernet cable. If no ethernet cable is available for your web-based content, choose Wi-Fi.

Selecting the right digital signage hardware

Once you’ve thought about these topics, you’re ready to select the device that suits your needs.

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