BOOT x GoBright x ProDVX

A room booking system at BOOT to optimally use office space

BOOT is an engineering firm based in the town of Veenendaal, the Netherlands. The company provides integrated consultancy and management services. It operates within all facets of our living environment. From urban development to rural areas: construction, mobility, water, environment, safety, sports and recreation, but with one clear focus: providing the support the client needs.

A joint solution by GoBright & ProDVX

For the digital renovation of their office, BOOT wanted a new room booking system that would ensure the available space the business has is used optimally. They got in touch with De Kantoorspecialist, who proposed the trusted joint solution of ProDVX and GoBright.

Meet: GoBright's Room Booking system

The GoBright Room Booking System offers easy room scheduling and useful integrations with Outlook, Office 365, Google Workspace and others. As BOOT has multiple locations, using GoBright enabled them to optimally make use of the office space they have. The solutions offer BOOT insights into employee behaviour and ensured that no space and energy was wasted. This is not only very cost-efficient, it also improves the company’s sustainability.

Meeting room display: APPC-10XPL by ProDVX

The GoBright software runs smoothly on ProDVX hardware. The ProDVX APPC-10XPL was chosen to use as meeting room display. This versatile display contains LED status lights that indicate whether a meeting room is occupied or available. When a meeting is taking place, the LEDs will turn red, and when the room is free, the lights will turn green.

In addition, using the VESA mounts, the APPC-10XPL can be easily mounted on any surface you might find in the office, including glass and walls.

It can also be powered by Power over Ethernet, which means cable management becomes much more efficient as you would only need a single network cable to power the device and to connect it to the network at the same time. No need for complex cabling plans or extending the building's power grid!

All ProDVX products used

Benefits for BOOT

The result for BOOT is an integrated room booking system that allows for easy scheduling of meeting rooms via the GoBright integrations or by simply walking up to the meeting room display. The efficiency of meeting room space is improved and for employees it is now much easier to book a meeting room.

In the long run, this improves collaboration between employees and positively affects the company’s ecological footprint. After all, the office is being used optimally and no energy and space is wasted.