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NOX Systems x ARAS Security x ProDVX

ARAS implements a security system for home automation

ARAS Security is a distributor of electronic security products and systems. Since 1989, ARAS Security has grown into one of the largest security distributors out there with branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Turkey. One of the security products in its portfolio is NOX Systems.

The Challenge

NOX Systems is a high-end security product. High security, high price. ARAS Security’s challenge was to adapt NOX Systems so that it met the demands made by small and medium-sized enterprises and the Home Automation segment. This meant the product had to become smaller and more compact, that the price needed to come down and that it needed to become more visually attractive.

The Solution

Over the past three years, ARAS Security has worked hard to make the NOX smaller and more compact. These efforts have resulted in a new product: NOX One. The ideal solution for small and medium-sized installations. To help visualise the solution, ARAS Security opted for the IPPC-10SLB. This is a 10-inch Intel Panel PC with Surround LED Bar; a unique feature on the market. The Surround LED Bar allows ARAS Security to visualise the status of a space, informs people when they need to leave the building and numerous other functions.

The Result

The solution’s stand-out feature is the Surround LED Bar. ARAS Security can also use colours to inform the NOX System’s user of certain statuses. This is more than just a functionality as it creates enormous added value for the end user when it comes to their product experience. Users can manage all their systems via one screen, which is one of the advantages of the main digital signage. This makes buildings safer and more intelligent. The combination of the compact NOX One with IPPC-10SLB with Surround LED Bar makes NOX Systems a unique product on the market.

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